Michael Kugelman on Narendra Modi Meeting with President Trump

This meeting is, above all, an introduction - an opportunity for the two men to meet each other, to size each other up, and to get a sense of how each one views the other and the bilateral relationship on the whole.

Though both Trump and Modi are interested in the art of the deal, there will not be much wheeling and dealing. I imagine the conversation will be fairly casual and touch on a variety of issues, though not on very deep levels.

India-Japan Strategic Cooperation and Implications for Washington and Beijing

The India-Japan relationship has been described as the fastest growing strategic partnership in Asia. This event, which marks the public launch of a new National Defense University (NDU) report on this key bilateral relationship, will review the current dynamics of India-Japan relations and implications for Washington as well as Beijing.

India’s Nuclear History, Frozen in Time

Above: Portion of a recovered document. Courtesy of Ms. Francoise Rey.

The melting Bossons glacier is revealing Indian government documents buried since the crash that killed Homi Bhabha in January 1966

Documenting accidents and disasters surrounding nuclear politics is always a challenging, uphill task. It is further complicated when the evidence has been buried under a glacier on Mont Blanc for fifty years.

Wilson Center Appoints Ambassador Nirupama Rao as Public Policy Fellow

WASHINGTON -- The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars has appointed Ambassador Nirupama Rao as a Public Policy Fellow. She will be affiliated with the Wilson Center’s Asia Program. Ambassador Rao will spend three months in residence at the Wilson Center beginning in June 2017. She will be working on a book project on the India-China relationship and contributing to the Wilson Center’s activities on India, including its India in Asia initiative.

Treasures Unseen: The Opening of Nehru’s Post-47 Papers

A trove of invaluable evidence on decolonization and the global Cold War from India’s leading statesmen

The Corruption Cure: How Citizens and Leaders Can Combat Graft

Why leadership is key to ending political and corporate corruption globally

Corruption corrodes all facets of the world's political and corporate life, yet until now there was no one book that explained how best to battle it. The Corruption Cure provides many of the required solutions and ranges widely across continents and diverse cultures―putting some thirty-five countries under an anticorruption microscope―to show exactly how to beat back the forces of sleaze and graft.

Drivers of Insecurity and Instability in the Middle East and South Asia

The Middle East and South Asia are complex and volatile regions.

Nuclear Tests Are Not What You Think

Above: Reagan observes North Korean positions at the DMZ, November 1983

The United States bargained with Israel, Pakistan, and South Africa to stave off nuclear tests. Can it do the same in North Korea?

The Punggye-ri site in North Korea appears primed for a nuclear test. Waiting for the order, personnel now pass the time by playing volleyball, with one suspected “volleyball net set up at the command center area”.