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CANCELED: A “Natural Alliance” Takes Shape: A Conversation on U.S.-India Relations with Ambassador Richard Verma

Due to unforseen circumstances this event has been canceled.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Modi and the World: The Ring View Inside Out

On September 14, the Wilson Center is hosting a half-day event on India’s foreign policy. The event will draw on a new book, Modi and the World: The Ring View Inside Out, and several book contributors will serve as speakers.

Debriefing Prime Minister Modi’s Visit to the U.S.

Many are calling the recent visit from PM Modi an example of the new normal in relations between India and the US. And while the visit has been characterized as short on substance, Michael Kugelman says that it was still “significant” and provided further proof of the pivotal nature of the relationship between the two countries moving forward. Kugelman helps us debrief the Modi visit and provides a look ahead in India-US relations in this edition of Wilson Center NOW.


Takeaways From Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Visit to Washington

Narendra Modi’s Washington rehabilitation is complete. That’s the chief takeaway from the Indian prime minister’s three-day visit to the U.S. capital.

5 Things to Expect During Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Visit to Washington

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has begun a three-day visit to Washington. He sits down with President Barack Obama on Tuesday—their seventh meeting in two years—and on Wednesday is scheduled to address a joint session of Congress.

Here are five things to expect during Mr. Modi’s trip:

* A focus on the future.

Modi's Play in Iran and Afghanistan

Media Briefing: Modi Comes to Washington



Transcript of Media Briefing with Michael Kugelman and Raymond Vickery

Drew: Michael, do you want to start us off with a general scene for the trip?

Beyond the “Slums”: Informal Housing and Urban Governance in Megacities of China, India, and Brazil

Urbanization is a defining phenomenon of the 21st century.  Whereas 54% of the world’s population lives in cities today, the number is expected to reach 70% by 2050, and most of this growth will take place in the Global South.  One of the most important and common characteristics of urban expansion in southern metropolises is the development of informal housing settlements that fall outside of government control or regulation.

The Wilson Center’s India in Asia Initiative

The Wilson Center is pleased to inaugurate a new India in Asia initiative—one that fills a need in the Washington discussion of what may be the world’s next superpower, and that seeks to advance U.S. understanding of India. The Asia region boasts two-thirds of the world’s population, and will soon house more wealth than any other region. Its military power is expanding globally, and it is home to several rising powers.

India in Asia: A Conversation with Nirupama Rao

Video of this event will soon be available.