Iran’s Continued Imprisonment of Dual Citizens

Exactly nine years ago, on Sept. 2, 2007, I was allowed to leave Iran after spending eight months under arrest and enduring 105 days in solitary confinement in Evin prison.

One Year After Nuclear Deal, Iran’s Rights Violations and Regional Aggression Continue

A year after ​world powers signed an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program, the regime in Tehran continues to engage in developing ballistic missile technology, human rights violations, aggressive behavior in the region, and anti-American and anti-semitic rhetoric.

A Year On, Iran’s Nuclear Deal is Helping its Economy, but not as Much as Some Hoped

Iran’s economy has slowly but measurably rebounded in the year since Tehran signed a historic nuclear deal with the world’s six major powers. The two most tangible changes have been the increase in oil exports–which have nearly doubled since sanctions were lifted on Jan. 16–and the dozens of foreign trade and investment deals Iran has negotiated.

Iran, Without Details, Indicts Several Detainees Who Have Dual Citizenship

Iran’s security agencies remain obsessed with people who have dual citizenship, whom they perceive as threats to the Islamic Republic.

One Year On, How’s The Iran Nuke Deal Doing?

The nuclear deal, signed in July 2015, has been a game changer for Iran.

The Gulf, Iran, and Future Oil Geopolitics

Four experts shared their analysis on the current and future state of oil in the Middle East.

Modi's Play in Iran and Afghanistan

Power and Change in Iran: Dynamics of Contention and Conciliation

Two contributors to the recently published book, Power and Change in Iran: Dynamics of Contention and Conciliation, analyzed the political, economic, and social struggles in Iran throughout the past decade.

The Nuclear Threat: Getting Better or Worse?


Nuclear Security Summit 2016 was recently convened in Washington, DC. Prior to the event, the Wilson Center gathered a high-level panel of experts to focus on the threat posed by nuclear weapons and the proliferation of nuclear technology. Is the global security equation getting better or getting worse? That’s the focus of this edition of REWIND.


Speakers (listed in order of appearance)

Lead Negotiator Wendy Sherman Explains the Iran Nuclear Deal

Chief U.S. Iran nuclear negotiator, Ambassador Wendy Sherman, visited the Wilson Center to explain the intricacies of the deal and to offer her assessment of the final outcome and what will follow. She responded to questions from the Wilson Center’s Rob Litwak, and also from members of the audience.

Wendy Sherman, Chief U.S. Nuclear Negotiator with Iran
Robert S. Litwak, Vice President for Scholars and Academic Relations and Director of International Security Studies, Wilson Center