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The Endgame in Gaza

Until I heard CNN's weekend interview with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and watched Bloody Sunday unfold with scores of Palestinian civilian deaths and 13 Israeli soldiers killed, I thought I had the Gaza thing pretty much figured out. It would end -- more or less -- the way the two previous movies had concluded.

Why Israel Launched a Ground War in Gaza

After days of ominous buildup, it’s finally happening: Israel has launched a ground incursion into Gaza. But why, you say? War, what’s it good for? Israel’s Iron Dome has kept the home front safe; Hamas’ rejection of the Egyptian cease-fire offer has given Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the political high ground; and there’s a big risk of losing it if Israel charges into Gaza and ends up killing many more Palestinian civilians. Which it inevitably will. And what’s more, why do the Israelis believe that a ground war will lead to a better outcome than the last one in 2008/9?

Teleconference: Israelis and Palestinians in Crisis: Are We at a Tipping Point?

The recent upsurge in violence in the West Bank and Gaza have brought the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to a new and dangerous level. Is this just another periodic escalation or have we reached a tipping point that could take the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to an even darker and dangerous place? Is the Fatah-Hamas unity deal dead? Where does Egypt stand? And, against the backdrop of a failed peace effort, is there still a credible and important role for the US?

Five Myths About the Gaza Crisis

Yes, Israelis and Palestinians have entered yet another violent round in their seemingly interminable conflict. How did they get into this mess? And, more important, how are they going to get out of it? As we watch the fighting escalate, here are five myths that need correcting.

Is a Ground Invasion Next in Gaza?

Director Jane Harman joins NBC News’ Martin Fletcher on Morning Joe to discuss the latest crisis in Israel and Gaza, as Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu puts further pressure on militants.

Whither the Palestinians

Three veteran analysts and practitioners discussed the Palestinians and their politics while sharing their opinions and predictions regarding the future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  

PM Begin writes to Margaret Thatcher in 1979, warning of the threat posed by Pakistan's Nuclear Program

Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin writes to Margaret Thatcher in 1979, warning of the threat posed by Pakistan's Nuclear Program

The OneVoice Movement: Toward a Two-State Solution

OneVoice Palestine-Gaza Director Ezzeldeen Masri discusses the challenges of promoting a two-state solution in Gaza and the role of civil society in promoting a peace agreement. Ambassador Marc Ginsberg provides introductory remarks.

European-Israeli Relations: Structural Problems

Dan Schueftan, Director of the National Security Studies Center at the University of Haifa, discussed the challenges of the European-Israeli relationship and the causes of the resentment and mistrust that exist on both sides.