National Policies Should Prioritize Women’s Labor Force Participation in Jordan

Jordan has some of the lowest indicators in the world on labor force participation, productivity and gender equality due to the chronically low female labor force participation rates that currently stand at around 14%.

Recent studies provide evidence that the low participation of women in the labor force represents a high cost to the economy and a missed opportunity cost that negatively affects the gross domestic product (GDP) and results in a loss of return on public spending on education. 

Jordan’s Government adopts Women Economic Empowerment Plan

The main challenge in Jordan facing women’s leadership is related to women’s economic participation, which is quite low at 17.3% as of 2017. This is despite high education attainment among Jordanian women. So, if women are not present in public life, their access to senior positions in both Government and private sector positions will be automatically low. Today, women’s representation in the senior management category within the Government stands at 7.4%.

Implementing the U.S. Global Water Strategy: A First-Year Review

In November 2017, the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development released the first U.S. Global Water Strategy. With contributions from more than 17 U.S. government agencies and departments, the Global Water Strategy lays out four interrelated objectives to support a more water secure world: increase access to sustainable safe drinking water and sanitation services, and promote hygiene; protect freshwater resources; promote cooperation on shared waters; and strengthen water governance and financing.

Jordan, the US, and the Cold War: The Birth of a Strategic Alliance

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has been a strong American ally for decades and has helped the US greatly during the Syrian crisis and battle against the Islamic State. Currently, the United States has an undisclosed number of military units in Jordan training the Free Syrian Army and supporting efforts against ISIS. These forces have engaged Bashar al-Assad's Syrian forces on at least one ocassion.[1]

The Islamist Spectrum - Jordan's Mosaic

By Sarah Timreck