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Merissa Khurma on "Ready for Work" at the Doha Forum 2019

Merissa Khurma, lead author of, "Ready for Work: An Analysis of Workforce Asymmetries in the Middle East and North Africa" discusses the key findings and policy recommendations at the forefront of her research at the Doha Forum 2019. Among the major findings are the need to reform education systems to develop "soft" or essential skills, confronting stigma surrounding technical and vocational training, and the lack of women entering the workforce.

Russia in the Middle East at a Time of Growing Tensions: A View from Israel

As the targeted killing of Qassem Suleimani is reshaping power alignments in the Middle East, Russia is determined not to let its influence in the region weaken. From Russian weapons deliveries to Turkey and Iran, to the civilian nuclear reactor the Kremlin is helping Egypt build, to Vladimir Putin’s recent surprise visit to Syria: all of these are meant to send a message of the Kremlin’s intention to remain a player in the region. What are Russia’s strategic objectives in this moment of change? Is Russia looking to fill the power vacuum left by a weakening Iran?

Oman: Assessing Sultan Qaboos' Half-Century Legacy

Every year, Sultan Qaboos, who died on January 10, 2020, traveled around Oman to meet with his subjects. One year, while meeting with a group of people in a small rural town, one of his subjects asked for na’il gadeed, which in most places, including Oman, means new sandals. The Sultan, instead of giving the man new sandals, gave him a new 4x4, because he knew that in this region, na’il meant car.

Ready for Work: An Analysis of Workforce Asymmetries in the Middle East and North Africa

The workforce challenge is among the most complex and urgent socio-economic and political challenges facing the Middle East and North Africa today. The growth of large and youthful populations is colliding with the constraints of slow growth and investment, which makes it impossible for regional markets to absorb surplus labor. This report presents an analysis of workforce development drawing from primary research conducted in Jordan, Tunisia, and Oman and it breaks down the problem into a set of supply and demand side factors.

Ready for Work: A Discussion of Women Entrepreneurship in Jordan

The Wilson Center presented and discussed findings of its new report entitled, “Ready for Work: an Analysis of Workforce Development Asymmetries in the Middle East and North Africa” in an interactive conversation with Wilson Center President and CEO the Honorable Jane Harman and a selected group of women leaders and young entrepreneurs.