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The War on ISIS: U.S. Success without a Payoff

The United States has played a central role in the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, but even as the organization rapidly loses control of its remaining territory, the United States has little to show for its efforts. On the contrary, the success is mostly benefiting the United States’ adversaries.

Why Some Nuclear Programs Fail and Others Succeed: “Unclear Physics” with Author Målfrid Braut-Hegghammer

In her book, “Unclear Physics: Why Iraq and Libya Failed to Build Nuclear Weapons,” Målfrid Braut-Hegghammer says that while many authoritarian leaders want nuclear weapons, few manage to acquire them. What can we learn from the failed attempts by Libya and Iraq? And how do those experiences compare to the seemingly opposite outcome occurring in North Korea? We explore these questions and more in the latest episode of Wilson Center NOW.



Purifying the Land of the Pure: A History of Pakistan’s Religious Minorities

When Pakistan emerged as an independent state in 1947, it sought to provide a new homeland and safe harbor for South Asia's Muslims, the largest religious minority in the subcontinent at the time. Yet this project was not exclusive. Taking its name from Pakstan, an acronym composed of the key letters of its constituent regions-Punjab, Afghania, Kashmir, Sindh, and Baluchistan-Pakistan at first welcomed all of its new citizens, Muslim and non-Muslim alike. Non-Muslims comprised 23 percent of the total population, and non-Sunnis comprised a quarter of the Muslim population.

The Forgotten Flight Remembered: The Story of UTA 772

It has been called the greatest murder investigation in French history. When a suitcase bomb destroyed French Airlines UTA Flight 772, killing all 170 passengers and crew on board, it triggered a decades long search for accountability… a story that has previously been largely untold.

Research Assistant (Arabic Language Specialist)

Research Assistant (Arabic Language Specialist)
Arabic language skills required for a project on the Cold War in the Middle East

Call Number: WC-CWIHP-FA2017-I-20