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Eighth Annual U.S.-Mexico Security Conference: Taking Stock of Mexico's Security Landscape One Year On

The Wilson Center's Mexico Institute was pleased to host its eighth annual Mexican security review. The forum examined the pressing security challenges Mexico faces, such as the record number of homicides in 2019, and how it plans to respond. Other topics covered included efforts to fight corruption and impunity; trends in security and migration enforcement on Mexico's southern border; the status of U.S.-Mexico security cooperation; and how illegal drug markets are evolving in Mexico and the United States.

USMCA: So Near, or Just Too Far?

A big push is under way to achieve U.S. approval for the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), the new NAFTA, but important gaps remain between the parties. The most recent deadline goal appears to be congressional action by Dec. 20, at the latest. 

Missing that deadline could delay approval until 2021 and leave the continent’s economies under a cloud of uncertainty. Approving the USMCA could bring a needed economic boost to the millions of jobs supported by commerce with America’s two largest trade partners.

Report Launch | North America 2.0: A Workforce Development Agenda

The Wilson Center's Mexico Institute was pleased to host a report launch for North America 2.0: A Workforce Development Agenda. The report details challenges the three countries face in preparing their labor forces for "The Future of Work" and proposes a framework for North America to move forward in addressing these issues.

North America 2.0: A Workforce Development Agenda

As new technology reshapes workplaces and jobs across North America, the United States, Mexico, and Canada need to reinvent the ways that they educate, train, and re-skill their workforces.  With Mexico and Canada now the United States’ two largest economic partners, more than ever the three countries need to work together to effectively and equitably manage the massive transformations ahead in the skills needed by tomorrow’s employees.

Infrographic | Our Growing Dependence on Critical Minerals



Farm Labor and Mexico's Export Produce Industry

The Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute, along with CIESAS and Migration Dialogue, are pleased to launch a report on farm labor in Mexico’s export produce industry.

Democrats' Clashes with Trump Must Not Imperil Trade with Mexico and Canada

It is increasingly urgent that the United States achieve stability and predictability with its two largest trading partners. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) warns of a “synchronized global slowdown” powered significantly by trade tensions, and the Institute of International Finance flags 20-year highs in global trade and economic uncertainty. 

“Getting to Yes” on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) this year would diminish these threats in North America.

Judges or Vigilantes

In one of his first roles, actor Michael Douglas plays a young judge newly assigned to a criminal court. Frustrated by having to free a murderer due to legal technicalities, the young judge approaches his most experienced peers to secretly meet and discuss similar cases. If their verdict is guilty, a hitman is sent to kill the accused. Through this process, the judges took charge of bringing to justice those who deserved it, or at least that is what they thought until an innocent life was killed through their verdict.