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Canada’s Defense Policy—Rebuilding Slowly, Deploying Globally

In 2017, the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a major defense policy statement entitled Strong, Secure, Engaged. Surprisingly, given his government’s inclination to stress the “soft side” of international engagement—support for women’s rights, human rights more generally and development—in its rhetoric, the paper calls for a 70 percent increase in defense spending over a ten-year period. How has Canada done in implementing the statement’s policy, which entails a major recapitalization of Canada’s armed forces?

The Maternal Health Initiative launches the CODE BLUE series on non-communicable diseases and maternal health

Each year, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) account for 2 in every 3 deaths among women globally. It is estimated that NCDs kill 35 million people each year, and women of reproductive age make up about half of these deaths.

Mexico, the Leading U.S. Trade Partner, Seeks to Fortify Relations

Because of the U.S. trade dispute with China, Mexico has become America’s No. 1 trading partner. Mexico’s foreign minister is scheduled to be in Washington for meetings Tuesday, in an effort to put U.S.-Mexico cooperation on firmer footing, especially to overcome U.S. threats tied to migration and to move ahead with the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement (USMCA).


The important effect of elections: unmasking the make-believe of everything going well
The bright thinker of Mexican reality, Luis Rubio, has just published his most recent book “Unmasked: López Obrador and The End of Make-Believe,” under the auspices of the Wilson Center and its Mexico Institute.

Border Security and Counter-Narcotics

Cross-border criminal activity fueled by illegal drugs is causing great damage in both Mexico and the United States.  The two governments need to prioritize forging an agreed strategy and action agenda to tackle this serious problem.  They should establish a permanent cabinet-level group to oversee bilateral counter-narcotics and cross-border crime cooperation and to monitor progress.

Initial Findings & Key Recommendations: Farm Labor & Mexico’s Export Produce Industry

Three Key Findings from Worker Surveys and Focus Groups

More Than Neighbors: U.S.-Mexico Trade