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The Paradoxes of Polish-Ukrainian Relations


The narrative that Polish-Ukrainian relations are in crisis is too simplistic. An obvious problem lies in the two countries’ different perceptions of the tragic past and the politicization of history, but less recognized is that they are engaging in an unprecedented level of cooperation in other spheres. Poland’s support of Ukraine in matters of strategic importance is undeniable but goes largely unnoticed. Part of the problem is that confidence has been undermined and there is poor communication between the sides.

Ukrainian-Polish Relations in the Context of the Memory War: A Game of Lose-Lose

Relations between Ukraine and Poland today are cooling, disturbingly. The growing differences between the two neighbors do not add to the stability of the region.

Elections Have Consequences: A Look at Poland

The 2015 ascendancy of the Law and Justice Party to power in Poland, first winning the Presidency and then 51% of the Parliament, has resulted in changes of direction in a country that was the poster child for economic and democratic transition as it emerged from the communist period.

Lessons from Polish-German Reconciliation for Current Russia-West Relations

Russia’s annexation of Crimea and the war in Eastern Ukraine have brought Russia-West relations to a post-Cold War nadir that neither side seems able or willing to escape. Europe's past, however, may hold answers. Last year marked the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, one of history’s darkest hours and the low point of Polish-German relations. In the current context of ongoing conflict, the success of Polish-German reconciliation and cooperation takes on a new importance.

**CANCELLED** "White Spots—Black Spots. Difficult Matters in Polish-Russian Relations, 1918–2008"

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From Free Europe to Free Poland: Free Europe Committee in the Cold War

From Free Europe to Free Poland: Free Europe Committee in the Cold War

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