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A 21st Century Vision for U.S. Global Media

The  Wilson Center's  History and Public Policy Program is pleased to announce the publication of an Occasional Paper, “ A 21st  Century Vision for U.S. Global Media,” by Wilson Center Senior Scholar A. Ross Johnson and R.

Soviet Soft Power and the Polish Thaw, 1953-1957

Though little is known about such efforts, Soviet cultural and propaganda institutions attempted to reach directly the hearts and minds of East European societies in Moscow’s new sphere of influence created after World War II. In the process, the Soviets squandered considerable human potential on their side, which could have promoted more effective soft power initiatives. Stalin’s death in 1953 offered new possibilities for reciprocal cultural relations and more flexible Soviet approach.

East European Studies Short-term Research Scholarships

Closing dates: March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1. The next deadline for receipt of Short-Term Scholar applications and supporting materials is September 1, 2012. Applicants will be notified approximately one month later.

European Studies Welcomes Title VIII Summer Research Scholar Piotr Kosicki

European Studies is pleased to welcome summer research scholar Piotr Kosicki, who will be working on a project titled, “Between Catechism and Revolution: Poland, Socialism, and Catholic Politics, 1878-1991.” Dr. Kosicki will be in residence at the Center until June 30, 2012.

Belarusian State Formation: Examining 1919-1939 Contestation in Poland's West Belarus

As modern Belarus seems to be caught in limbo between the West (EU\NATO) on one side, and Russia with her post-imperial ambitions on the other, it is still undecided where it really belongs. Some observers claim that the modern Belarusian state is Soviet by its origin and design, but there were also suppressed historical alternatives to it in the recent 20th century Belarusian past.

East European Studies Junior Scholars' Training Seminar

Background Information: East European Studies of the Woodrow Wilson Center and the National Council for Eurasian and East European Research are soliciting applications for the twenty fourth annual training seminar for junior scholars in East European studies, to be held during August, 2012. All domestic transportation, accommodation and meal costs will be covered by the sponsors.

Summer Research Opportunities in East European Studies

European Studies at the Wilson Center is offering two summer research programs in East European Studies:


East European Studies Summer Research Scholarships

Deadline: Applications for the Summer Research Scholarships must be received by March 1, 2012. Applicants will be notified approximately one month later.