Russia and Eurasia

An Interview with George F. Kennan Fellow Emma Gilligan

Emma Gilligan is a recent George F. Kennan alumna with the Kennan Institute, where she focused her research on post-conflict justice in the aftermath of the two Chechen wars. Before she finished her fellowship, we asked her to reflect on her work at the Kennan Institute and how she hopes her research will have a positive impact.

Book Talk: Zuleikha

First published in Russia in 2015, Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes tells a story of survival and renewal during the 1930s Soviet policy of dekulakization and exile, taking the title character on the harrowing journey from a Tatar village to East Siberia. To mark the publication of the English translation of her critically acclaimed novel, award-winning Russian author of Tatar origin Guzel Yakhina will discuss the family history she drew inspiration from as well as Russia’s tragic past that provides context for her book.

Spaces of (Post-) Soviet Dissent in Russia

James H. Billington Seminar on Russian History and Culture

Recent mass protest rallies in Russia are often analyzed in terms of their economic and political ramifications. This panel will instead consider the historical context of protest activism in contemporary Russia. Participants will examine how different contemporary political activists and artists perpetuate, deconstruct, or subvert both the official line as well as dissent traditions in contesting state monopoly over the public space.

Voting in Russia: A Regional Analysis

In the September 2018 gubernatorial elections, several regions throughout Russia rejected pro-Kremlin candidates. In fact, Russia’s regions appear to have grown increasingly dissatisfied with a number of federal policies and increasing economic stagnation. The latest statistical analysis offers insights into which factors might hinder or contribute to the election of pro-Kremlin candidates in the regions and tools to forecast future voting patterns outside the capital.

Moldova After (or Before?) the Elections

Moldova's recent election produced a deeply and evenly divided parliament, in which the major parties have struggled to form a governing coalition. This deadlock creates uncertainty about economic growth, geopolitical orientation, and conflict settlement efforts, while also raising the possibility of early elections. Kennan Institute Global Fellow William Hill, twice Head of the OSCE Mission to Moldova, recently visited Chisinau and Tiraspol and discussed the current situation in Moldova.

Memory Laws in the Age of Populism: The Politics of the Past in Russia and Eastern Europe

Memory wars have become a characteristic aspect of central and East European domestic and international politics. Some countries—especially right-wing populists and authoritarian regimes—use law to promote nationalist mobilization and to whitewash their countries’ history. Nikolay Koposov discussed how the laws in the region compare to memory laws elsewhere and how they affect these countries’ ability to deal with the past. 

A Journey to the Gulag: Film Screening and Virtual Reality Demonstration

Around 20 million people experienced the horrors of Soviet gulags. Many of these camps are still standing, deteriorating, and are hidden away in the Siberian taiga. With the exception of the former Perm 36 project, none of these abandoned camps work as museums dedicated to preserving the memory of Stalin era gulags.

Call for Papers: Law, Tradition, and Conservatism: Legal Responses to Neoliberal Governance (University of Helsinki)

The Faculty of Law in cooperation with Aleksanteri Institute of the University of Helsinki is pleased to announce the annual conference under the Development of Russian Law research project, which will take place in Helsinki on November 4-5, 2019. This conference continues the series of workshops, seminars, and conferences in Russian law, organized by the Faculty of Law since 2008. This annual event is devoted to discussions of new and important topics within the field of Eastern European, Russian and Eurasian law and legal studies.