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Beyond AGOA: An Update Case for a Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Between Africa and the United States

The Africa Program of the Wilson Center is concerned that, with the expiration of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) in 2015 and rapid developments on the African continent in terms of private capital inflows, Chinese presence, economic growth (second fastest growing region in the world), and unlimited economic possibilities for this emergent continent, the United States does not have a comprehensive and coordinated economic policy towards Africa. Certainly the recent Presidential Policy Determination, issued in June, was positive in this regard, but specifics are lacking.

“The African Union 2012 and Beyond”: The Vision of Chairperson Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma

An Eye Toward the Future

The future of Africa is promising. Even though, the continent has made commendable efforts in development; more needs to be done. Hence, African states need to invest and actively work to make Africa the power it ought to be in the world.

Sub-Saharan Africa: Maintaining Growth in an Uncertain World

The IMF Regional Economic Outlook for Sub-Saharan Africa, launched in Tokyo on October 12, 2012, highlights that economic conditions in the region have remained generally robust against the backdrop of a sluggish global economy. The near-term outlook for the region is also broadly positive: growth is projected at 5¼ percent a year through 2012–13.

Policy Implications of the Recent Developments in North Kivu

Since April 2012, a group of rebel forces calling themselves the March 23 Movement (M23)  has engaged in violence with the Congolese national army, or FARDC. Not only has the insurgency led to constantly rising death tolls, but it has also heightened tensions between Great Lakes countries concerning North Kivu's porous borders and the authors of this violence. The violence is also linked to the region's vast mineral wealth, making the situation more pressing.

South Africa: Transforming Tomorrow

As Part of the Embassy of South Africa’s “South Africa 2012”

The South Africa-Washington International Program (SAWIP) & The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars


South Africa: Transforming Tomorrow


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The 11th Civil Society Organization Session of US-Africa Trade and Economic Cooperation Forum

The Civil Society Session of the 2012 African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) Forum examined the following issues:  AGOA - Challenges and Opportunities; Civil Society’s Role in Effecting Legislative Reforms that Enhance U.S.