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The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars offers a number of residential fellowships for the study of Africa, and internship opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students. Unless otherwise noted, all awards are open to citizens of any country. Brief information about each of these fellowship programs appears below, along with links to application materials and further details, where available.

Africa: 53 Countries, One Union - The New Challenges

Africa Program, Woodrow Wilson Center; 

School of Advamced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University; 

Foundation for World Wide Cooperation

"Africa: 53 Countries, One Union - The New Challenges" is a follow up to last year's Conference in Bologna. This Conference aims to bolster African initiatives toward unity, integration, and prosperity. Also, at issue will be the role of actors such as the United Nations, African Union, European Union, and the United States and China governments. 

Issue 23: To Live With the Sea: Reproductive Health Care and Marine Conservation in Madagascar

On the remote southwestern coast of Madagascar, home to the semi-nomadic seafaring Vezo ethnic group, most girls have their first child before the age of 18, and families with 10 children or more are commonplace. But since the marine conservation NGO Blue Ventures launched a family planning program in 2007, couples and women like Christine are able to make their own reproductive health choices.

Reporting on Global Health: A Conversation With the International Reporting Project Fellows

"The story is the story, the information is the information, but you can frame it in very different ways," said freelance journalist Annie Murphy at a roundtable discussion on the current state of global health reporting.

Sexual Violence Against Minors: Scope, Consequences, and Implications

"Sexual violence against minors is a global health issue and must be addressed in a developing context," argued Michal Avni, gender advisor for the U.S. Agency for International Development at a Global Health Initiative and Environmental Change and Security Program event on October 20, 2009. Affecting one of the most disenfranchised populations--youth—such sexual violence is often accompanied by stigma and shame, while ethics and methodology issues make conducting research on this disturbing problem difficult.

The Power of Local Natural Resource Governance in Conflict Contexts

"Top-down government programs and top-down government policies and actions like protected areas" are not the only solutions to effective natural resource management (NRM), said Florida International University's David Bray, but "neither is community-based conservation…There are no panaceas.