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From Victoria to Chilwa: Integrated Development in Two African Lake Basins

In Lake Victoria and Lake Chilwa basins, interconnected development challenges defy sectoral boundaries, said experts at the Wilson Center on February 10.

South Africa after Mandela: The Legacy and the Reality

Nelson Mandela was one of the most respected political leaders the world has seen for a reason: he helped take South Africa through a remarkable period encompassing the end of apartheid and the first democratic election. How is the country moving ahead in the post-Mandela era? What is his legacy for reconciliation, democracy, the rule of law through a strong constitution? And what will become of the ANC now that its great generation is passing from the stage?

In this Ground Truth Briefing, Africa experts come together to discuss Mandela's life and legacy.

Proliferation Watch: US Intelligence Assessments of Potential Nuclear Powers, 1977–2001

Undated photo of the South African nuclear test site taken by a U.S. reconnaissance satellite during 1977 or 1978. See document 3 for the image in context.

When Nelson Mandela First Emerged to Freedom

The day in 1990 that Nelson Mandela walked to freedom, I waited hours in the hot sun outside city hall in downtown Cape Town, in a crowd of thousands of blacks and mixed-race coloreds dying to glimpse their hoped-for savior. Mandela, who died today at 95, had been locked away in prison for more than 27 years. As it happened, the excitement of witnessing history that day was tarnished by mishaps.

Madiba: A Belief in Humanity

I have taken the liberty of using the familiar family name for Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. 

I do so because the first time we met, sitting together in the back seat of a limo driving from Cape Town airport to the Mount Nelson Hotel in downtown Cape Town, this legendary gentleman, less than a year out of an imprisonment of 27 years, made me feel at home.  He was attending a conference on South African leaders with Members of the U.S. Congress that I had organized.  As we rode along, we talked about many things: 

Impacting the Future: Luvuyo Mandela’s Perspective

“We need to take stock of how far we’ve come, the mistakes we have made and prepare each other to be stronger leaders in tomorrow.”- Luvuyo Mandela

An Inspiration for Africa