Southern Cone

The Future of Argentina: A Conversation with Sergio Massa

As the Argentine economy struggles, next year’s presidential election has become increasingly unpredictable, leaving international investors uncertain about the future of President Mauricio Macri’s economic reform program.

Indeed, the president’s flagging popularity has increased attention to the policy proposals of his potential opponents. One of those likely rivals, former lawmaker Sergio Massa, will deliver public remarks at the Wilson Center about Argentina’s challenges and his leadership vision.

Drought: A Conversation with Esteban Copati, Head of the Agricultural Estimates Department in the Bolsas de Cereales of Argentina

Q: What have been the biggest challenges for Argentina’s farmers over the past year? Are there fears climate change could make droughts more frequent in Argentina?

Lifeline, Strings Attached

A month after Argentina’s currency devalued by over 20 percent in less than two weeks and interest rates doubled to 40 percent, the International Monetary Fund agreed to lend Argentina $50 billion. The loan – including an additional $5.6 billion from multilateral development banks – was far larger than analysts expected. This massive stand-by agreement – basically a line of credit – offers Argentina secure financing until the end of 2019. The deal should help ward off another speculative attack on the peso.

“No Collar Economy:” A Conversation on the Future of Work in Argentina

Argentina’s agricultural communities have depended on traditional labor for centuries, but technological advances such as automation, and the growing accessibility of data, have changed that way of life. As a result, Argentines from the countryside feel increasingly powerless, particularly as potential trade agreements promise increased competition. As a result, many of the country’s rural working class have traded villages for urban centers, where they often live in marginalized neighborhoods.