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Argentina's Presidential Election Results Are In: Now What?

Argentina's Presidential Election Results Are In: Now What?

A Chilean Powder Keg

Q: Over the last month, Latin America has been rocked by massive protests in Ecuador, Bolivia and, unexpectedly, Chile. The sudden and violent demonstrations in Chile were surprising to many observers, and called into question Chile’s position as the “model” for Latin American economic and political governance. The trigger for the protests was a modest increase in transit fares that ignited a tinderbox of grievances.

Frente de Cambio

Frente de Cambio


IMF Demolition Derby

Argentina finds itself in yet another International Monetary Fund program, after President Mauricio Macri went hat in hand to the Fund in May 2018 for a bailout.

What Comes Next in Argentina: A Conversation with Sergio Massa

Uncertainty about the priorities and policies of Argentina’s likely next government has unsettled markets since the August primaries, as observers shift their focus from “who will win?” to “what comes next?” The likelihood of President Mauricio Macri’s defeat in October resulted in a currency run and debt crisis.

Argentina's Electrifying Reforms

On June 17, Argentines woke up to an unprecedented power outage, affecting over 50 million users in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Uruguay: In the Eye of the Storm

Nestled between two of Latin America’s powerhouses (Argentina and Brazil) is Uruguay, a country about the size Córdoba. Historically, Uruguay has been a beneficiary of its neighbors’ growth spurts – and a victim of their recessions.

Argentina in Crisis: A Conversation with Governor Juan Manuel Urtubey

*The seminar will be in Spanish without simultaneous translation.