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Mendoza, ¿una Suiza andina?

MENDOZA, ARGENTINA - No por primera vez en los últimos meses, la provincia de Mendoza ha lanzado un experimento de política pública que está galvanizando un fuerte apoyo y una crítica feroz en casi igual medida.

Mendoza, an Andean Switzerland?

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MENDOZA, ARGENTINA – Not for the first time in recent months, the wine producing province of Mendoza has launched a public policy experiment that is galvanizing strong support and fierce criticism in almost equal measure.

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Q: On August 8, the Argentine Senate rejected legislation that would have legalized abortion, after the bill narrowly passed in the Lower House a month earlier. What happened? Given societal changes, is the legalization of abortion in Argentina inevitable?

ArgentinaPulse #1: Argentines' Perceptions of the World Order, Foreign Policy, and Global Issues

In June, the International Monetary Fund approved a historic bailout of Argentina’s troubled economy, offering a $50 billion loan to prevent a debt crisis and put an end to the peso’s staggering freefall. That rescue, however, has not endeared the IMF to most Argentines, according to a new poll by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and Poliarquía, the ArgentinaPulse.