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Argentina's Electrifying Reforms

On June 17, Argentines woke up to an unprecedented power outage, affecting over 50 million users in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Uruguay: In the Eye of the Storm

Nestled between two of Latin America’s powerhouses (Argentina and Brazil) is Uruguay, a country about the size Córdoba. Historically, Uruguay has been a beneficiary of its neighbors’ growth spurts – and a victim of their recessions.

Argentina in Crisis: A Conversation with Governor Juan Manuel Urtubey

*The seminar will be in Spanish without simultaneous translation.

Argentina’s Black Swan Primaries

On the Friday before Argentina’s primaries, markets finished the trading day on an optimistic note. Highly regarded polls put President Mauricio Macri and his main opponent, Alberto Fernández, within striking distance, allowing the government to downplay the risk of a serious loss that would raise questions about Mr.

Q&A with Juan Germano, Founding Partner of Isonomía, on Argentina's Primaries

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Mercosur’s Delayed Case of Free Trade Fever

It may have taken 20 years for Mercosur and the European Union to reach an agreement on a trade deal. But since the accord, the South American block seems ready for more.

The surprise agreement has justifiably attracted global attention, but initial reactions have glossed over a crucial element: Though hugely significant on its own, the deal might ultimately be more important as a steppingstone to a series of additional trade agreements for South America’s two biggest economies.