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Trade & Economic Development

Over the past thirty years many developing countries have taken advantage of an increasingly open world trade and investment system to grow and develop.  Unfortunately, a number of African countries have not been part of the global trade system and, as a result, their growth has not been as rapid as it could have been. Addressing the barriers to greater African participation in the global commercial system can be an important spur to future economic development in Africa. 

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The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars offers a number of residential fellowships for the study of Africa, and internship opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students. Unless otherwise noted, all awards are open to citizens of any country. Brief information about each of these fellowship programs appears below, along with links to application materials and further details, where available.

Africa: 53 Countries, One Union - The New Challenges

Africa Program, Woodrow Wilson Center; 

School of Advamced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University; 

Foundation for World Wide Cooperation

"Africa: 53 Countries, One Union - The New Challenges" is a follow up to last year's Conference in Bologna. This Conference aims to bolster African initiatives toward unity, integration, and prosperity. Also, at issue will be the role of actors such as the United Nations, African Union, European Union, and the United States and China governments. 

Land Tenure and Property Policies in East Africa

"Insecure land tenure and property rights and the inequitable access to land and natural assets are two of the leading triggers of violent conflict, population displacement, the over-exploitation of natural resources, and political instability throughout eastern Africa," asserted Peter Hetz of ARD, Inc.