Dr. Charles King: Past and Present of the Orient Express

Former Wilson Center Fellow Charles King is featured as an expert in the 2019 film “In Search of the Orient Express” by French director Louis Pascal CouvelaireIn a trailer for the film, while traveling on the restored, fast-moving train with the original 19th Century dinnerware, King comments on the history of Europe, Turkey, and the politics of the 1920s and 1930s, during the heyday of the train.

The Turkish War on Afrin Jeopardizes Progress Made Since the Liberation of Raqqa

The Turkish operation in Afrin is not just another battle in a small corner of Syria, but represents a new stage in the Syrian civil war and anti-ISIS campaign. President Erdoğan’s two-month battle to capture Afrin signals that Turkey will no longer act through proxies, but is willing to intervene directly on Syrian territory to crush the Kurdish YPG forces and the experiment in self-rule they are defending.i  Emboldened after claiming victory in Afrin, and enabled by Russia, Erdoğan is threatening further incursions into Syria and Iraq.

U.S.-Turkey Showdown in Syria?

Wilson Center Fellow Amy Austin Holmes discusses recent tensions between the U.S. and Turkey surrounding Turkey’s decision to launch a military offensive against the Syrian district of Afrin, controlled by the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG). 


Wilson Center Statement on Turkey's Indictment of Dr. Henri Barkey

The Wilson Center continues to express its dismay that the former Director of the Wilson Center’s Middle East Program, Dr.

The Shifting Drivers of the AKP’s EU Policy

Turkey’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) has a complicated relationship with the European Union (EU) that began with the AKP’s accession to power and has been shaped by Turkey’s domestic political lens. Political legitimacy, public attitudes, economic benefits, and foreign policy goals have been key drivers of the AKP’s EU strategy. At the start of the AKP’s rule, the party relied heavily on the goal of EU membership to push through democratic reforms and to strengthen Turkey’s economic and international political standing, as well as AKP’s political power.

Turkey at a Crossroads--at the Chicago Council

Turkey is an important member of NATO and a powerful player in the Middle East. Recently the stability of the country has become a concern as it is now a target of the Islamic State, and is fighting a low-level insurgency by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, also the failed coup against President Erdoğan of July 2016 has further destabilized the country. Throughout all of these developments, Turkey’s bilateral relations with the United States has deteriorated. With over 2.5 million Syrian refugees in Turkey, what role will it play in the future of Syria?