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Kennan Cable No. 44: Ukrainian Local Governance Prior to Euromaidan: The Pre-History of Ukraine’s Decentralization Reform


Democratic states often decentralize power because the dispersion of prerogatives and responsibilities improves the involvement of ordinary people in government. Political elites in semi- or non-democratic states, in contrast, tend to prefer power concentration, as they benefit from centralized decision-making and implementation; policymakers in regionally diverse states may promote centralized power in order to prevent secession.

A Conversation with Former Ukrainian Minister of Health Ulana Suprun

The Ukrainian healthcare system has undergone major transformation over the past three years as it has transitioned from a Soviet healthcare system to a modern one based on international best practices. The Zelenskyy Administration has promised additional reforms to the healthcare system. Dr. Ulana Suprun, former Ukrainian Minister of Health, discussed the future of Ukraine’s healthcare transformation and share lessons learned during her three years of service from 2016 to 2019.

28 Newly Translated Documents on Chernobyl, 1973-1991

Image: A helicopter sprays a decontamination liquid nearby the Chernobyl reactor in 1986. Source: IAEA Imagebank #02790036, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0.