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Negotiators Must Redouble Efforts as Clock Ticks on NAFTA

After a short cooling off period, the North American Free Trade (NAFTA) negotiators need to redouble efforts to forge an agreement this summer that all three countries find beneficial.

An agreement that preserves and increases the almost 14 million American jobs supported by NAFTA is clearly in the U.S. interest. On June 18, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo provided an optimistic perspective that agreements could be reached “in the coming weeks.”

Chocolate Cars, Sales Taxes and a Bit of Donald Trump: The U.S.-Mexico Border in the 2018 Mexican Elections

Politics at the Limits of Mexico
On May 20, the Mexican presidential candidates will hold a debate in Tijuana, whose city motto Aquí empieza la patria (“The Nation Begins Here”) subtly pushes back against Mexico City’s centralization of power and policymaking.

'Election Interference: Ensuring Law Enforcement Is Equipped to Target Those Seeking to Do Harm' – Nina Jankowicz Testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee

Nina Jankowicz, a Global Fellow with the Wilson Center's Kennan Institute and a leading authority on Russian disinformation campaigns, testifies before the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary at a June 12 hearing titled "Election Interference: Ensuring Law Enforcement Is Equipped to Target Those Seeking to Do Harm."





‘Kim Jong Un, International Statesman’

Simply by landing in Singapore in a 747, Kim Jong Un is doing something his late father, Kim Jong Il, never did: fly to a foreign country. And now we are seeing him interact with foreign leaders in real time, away from the bubble and protection of North Korea’s tightly controlled state media. It’s a remarkable moment for a country long called the Hermit Kingdom, and part of a carefully crafted strategy designed to make sure he continues to capture and captivate international media attention.

North America is Unprepared for the Jobs of Tomorrow

As the news focuses on stalled trade negotiations in North America, Canada, Mexico and the United States have shocking skills gaps that are already hampering economic performance and competitiveness.

North America’s labor markets face massive technological disruptions, which should point all three countries toward preparing the jobs that will serve the continent well in the future.

Legal Vulnerabilities of Unassimilated Latinos in America Today

Latinos are the largest minority in America. Making up 18 percent of the total U.S. population and nearly 25 percent of millennials, the community is both massive—and massively underserved by the legal sector.

Hardball Trade Tactics Will Leave U.S. Workers Battered and Bruised

A long-time U.S. trade guru joked last week that as a rule of thumb, he favors trying to manage only one trade war at a time, not multiple trade conflicts at once as the U.S. is attempting.

As the danger of costly missteps and negative consequences with international partners becomes more evident, the United States needs a serious debate over the current approach and making course adjustments. The alternative could leave the U.S. trying to recoup after paying the price at home and abroad.