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Vice President for Programs Office
Ruble, Blair A., Vice President for Programs- blair.ruble@wilsoncenter.org

Africa Program
Muyangwa, Monde, Director -  (monde.muyangwa@wilsoncenter.org
McDonald, Steven, Senior Advisor - (steve.mcdonald@wilsoncenter.org)
Ramey, Elizabeth, Program Associate - (elizabeth.ramey@wilsoncenter.org)
Chesson, Grace, Program Assistant - (grace.chesson@wilsoncenter.org)
Cady, Virginia, Program Assistant - (virginia.cady@wilsoncenter.org)

Asia Program
Kugelman, Michael, Program Associate - michael.kugelman@wilsoncenter.org
Spooner, Joshua, Program Assistant - (joshua.spooner@wilsoncenter.org)
Goto, Shihoko, Program Associate - (shihoko.goto@wilsocenter.org)
Ratliff, Mary, Social Media and Editorial Specialist - (mary.ratliff@wilsoncenter.org)

Brazil Institute
Sotero, Paulo, Director - (paulo.sotero@wilsoncenter.org)
Cardenas, Carolina, Program Assistant - (anna.cardenas@wilsoncenter.org)
Darden, Michael, Program Associate - (michael.darden@wilsoncenter.org)
Bethell, Leslie, Senior Scholar - (Leslie.Bethell@sant.ox.ac.uk)

Canada Institute
Dawson, Laura, Director (laura.dawson@wilsoncenter.org)
Finn, Andrew, Program Associate (andrew.finn@wilsoncenter.org)
Boylan, Savannah, Program Assistant (savannah.boylan@wilsoncenter.org)

China Environment Forum
Turner, Jennifer L, Director - (jennifer.turner@wilsoncenter.org)
Shifflett, Susan, Program Associate - (susan.shifflett@wilsoncenter.org)

Cold War International History Project
Ostermann, Christian, Director - (christian.ostermann@wilsoncenter.org)
Person, James, Deputy Director - (james.person@wilsoncenter.org)
Deal, Laura, Catalog Specialist - (laura.deal@wilsoncenter.org)
Biersteker, Pieter, Editorial Assistant - (pieter.biersteker@wilsoncenter.org)
Kim, Roy, Program Assistant - (roy.kim@wilsoncenter.org)
Kraus, Charles, Program Assistant - (charles.kraus@wilsoncenter.org)
Pikulski, Evan, Program Assistant - (evan.pikulski@wilsoncenter.org)

Environmental Change and Security Program
De Souza, Roger-Mark, Director - (roger-mark.desouza@wilsoncenter.org)
Dabelko, Geoffrey D, Senior Advisor - (geoff.dabelko@wilsoncenter.org)
Bathala, Sandeep - Senior Program Associate - (sandeep.bathala@wilsoncenter.org)
Cameron, Francesca - Program Assistant - (francesca.cameron@wilsoncenter.org)
Dills, Benjamin, Program Assistant - (benjamin.dills@wilsoncenter.org)
Herzer, Lauren, Program Associate - (lauren.herzer@wilsoncenter.org)
Majok, John Thon, Program Specialist, Grants Management - (johnthon.majok@wilsoncenter.org)
Null, Schuyler, Writer/Editor - (schuyler.null@wilsoncenter.org)
Parker, Meaghan , Writer/Editor - (meaghan.parker@wilsoncenter.org)
Peoples, Sean, Program Associate - (sean.peoples@wilsoncenter.org)

Global Europe Program
Ostermann, Christian, Director - (christian.ostermann@wilsoncenter.org)
Buss, Emily, Program Assistant - (emily.buss@wilsoncenter.org)

Global Women's Leadership Initiative
White, Elizabeth - (elizabeth.white@wilsoncenter.org)

History and Public Policy Program
Ostermann, Christian, Director - (christian.ostermann@wilsoncenter.org)
Person, James, Deputy Director - (james.person@wilsoncenter.org)
Deal, Laura, Catalog Specialist - (laura.deal@wilsoncenter.org)
Biersteker, Pieter, Editorial Assistant - (pieter.biersteker@wilsoncenter.org)
Kim, Roy, Program Assistant - (roy.kim@wilsoncenter.org)
Kraus, Charles, Program Assistant - (charles.kraus@wilsoncenter.org)
Pikulski, Evan, Program Assistant - (evan.pikulski@wilsoncenter.org)

Kennan Institute
Rojansky, Matthew, Director - (matthew.rojansky@wilsoncenter.org)
Pomeranz, William E., Deputy Director - (william.pomeranz@wilsoncenter.org)
Dresen, F. Joseph, Program Associate - (joseph.dresen@wilsoncenter.org)
Malinkin, Mary Elizabeth, Program Associate - (liz.malinkin@wilsoncenter.org)
Brady, Mattison, Program Assistant - (mattison.brady@wilsoncenter.org)
Dorst, Emma, Program Assistant - (emma.dorst@wilsoncenter.org)
Tabarovsky, Izabella, Program Associate - (izabella.tabarovsky@wilsoncenter.org)
Ruble, Blair A., Senior Advisor - (kennan@wilsoncenter.org)

Kissinger Institute on China and the United States
Daly, Robert, Director - (robert.daly@wilsoncenter.org)
Pho, Sandy, Program Associate- (sandy.pho@wilsoncenter.org)
Liu, Hua, Program Assistant - (hua.liu@wilsoncenter.org)

Latin American Program
Arnson, Cynthia, Director - (cynthia.arnson@wilsoncenter.org)
Colón-Rosario, Verónica  - Program Assistant, Latin American Program - (veronica.colon-rosario@wilsoncenter.org)
Darden, Michael, Program Assistant, Brazil Institute - (michael.darden@wilsoncenter.org)
Selee, Andrew, Senior Advisor, Mexico Institute - (andrew.selee@wilsoncenter.org)
Sotero, Paulo, Director, Brazil Institute - (paulo.sotero@wilsoncenter.org)
Olson, Eric L., Associate Director, Latin American Program - (eric.olson@wilsoncenter.org)
Bethell, Leslie, Senior Scholar, Brazil Institute - (Leslie.Bethell@sant.ox.ac.uk)
Nelson, Joan, Senior Scholar
Peña, Karina, Program Assistant, Latin American Program - (karina.pena@wilsoncenter.org)

Tulchin, Joseph S., Senior Scholar - (joseph.tulchin@wilsoncenter.org)
Wilson, Christopher, Program Associate - (christopher.wilson@wilsoncenter.org)
Wilde, Alex, Senior Scholar - (awwilde@usa.net)
Wood, Duncan, Director, Mexico Institute - (duncan.wood@wilsoncenter.org)
Zaino, Christine – Program Associate, Latin American Program - (christine.zaino@wilsoncenter.org)

Maternal Health Initiative
De Souza, Roger-Mark, Director - (roger-mark.desouza@wilsoncenter.org)
Bathala, Sandeep - Senior Program Associate (sandeep.bathala@wilsoncenter.org)
Cameron, Francesca - Program Assistant (francesca.cameron@wilsoncenter.org)
Null, Schuyler, Writer/Editor - (schuyler.null@wilsoncenter.org)

Middle East Program
Esfandiari, Haleh, Director - (haleh.esfandiari@wilsoncenter.org)
Heideman, Kendra, Program Associate - (kendra.heideman@wilsoncenter.org)
Romano, Julia, Program Assistant - (julia.romano@wilsoncenter.org)

Mexico Institute
Wood, Duncan, Director - (duncan.wood@wilsoncenter.org)
Selee, Andrew, Vice President for Programs and Senior Advisor - (andrew.selee@wilsoncenter.org)
udzinski, Angela - Program Assistant - (angela.budzinski@wilsoncenter.org
Dagli, Victoria - Program Assistant - (victoria.dagli@wilsoncenter.org)

North Korea International Documentation Project
Ostermann, Christian, Director - (christian.ostermann@wilsoncenter.org)
Person, James, Deputy Director - (james.person@wilsoncenter.org)
Kim, Roy, Program Assistant - (roy.kim@wilsoncenter.org)
Kraus, Charles, Program Assistant - (charles.kraus@wilsoncenter.org)

Nuclear Proliferation International History Project
Ostermann, Christian, Director - (christian.ostermann@wilsoncenter.org)
Pikulski, Evan, Program Assistant - (evan.pikulski@wilsoncenter.org)

Science and Technology Innovation Program
Rejeski, David, Director - (david.rejeski@wilsoncenter.org)
Kuiken, Todd, Research Associate - (todd.kuiken@wilsoncenter.org)
Lovell, Aaron, Writer/Editor - (aaron.lovell@wilsoncenter.org)
Tyson, Elizabeth, Program Assistant - (elizabeth.tyson@wilsoncenter.org)
Koo, Joyce, Program Assistant - (joyce.koo@wilsoncenter.org)

Urban Sustainability Laboratory
Ruble, Blair A., Chair - (kennan@wilsoncenter.org)
Cooke, Thea - (thea.cooke@wilsoncenter.org)
Garland, Allison, Program Associate - (allison.garland@wilsoncenter.org)

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Director, President and CEO's Office
Telephone: 202-691-4202  
Harman, Jane, Director, President and CEO 
Brodsky, Jason, Policy Advisor to the Director, President and CEO and Research Associate - (jason.brodsky@wilsoncenter.org)
Church, Eric, Project Associate for Serious Games - (eric.church@wilsoncenter.org)
Clary, Grayson, Assistant to the Director, President and CEO - (grayson.clary@wilsoncenter.org)
King, Meg, Strategic Advisor to the President and Director, Cybersecurity Initiative - (meg.king@wilsoncenter.org)
Krency, Caroline, Scheduler/Executive Assistant to the Director, President and CEO - (caroline.krency@wilsoncenter.org)

Executive Vice President's Office
Selee, Andrew, Executive Vice President - (andrew.selee@wilsoncenter.org)
Geckle, Megan, Assistant to the Executive Vice President - (megan.geckle@wilsoncenter.org)

Scholars and Academic Relations Office
Telephone: 202-691-4170   Email: (fellowships@wilsoncenter.org)
Litwak, Robert S., Vice President for Scholars and Academic Relations - (robert.litwak@wilsoncenter.org)
Boyce, Tonya, Fellowship Program Assistant - (tonya.boyce@wilsoncenter.org)
Conner, Kimberly, Fellowship Specialist - (kim.conner@wilsoncenter.org)
Charles, Arlyn, Coordinator of Fellows' Services - (a.charles@wilsoncenter.org)
Collins, Lindsay, Information Receptionist - (lins.collins@wilsoncenter.org)

Aniel, Krishna L., Education Program Specialist - (internships@wilsoncenter.org)

Email: (library.email@wilsoncenter.org)
Spikes, Janet, Librarian - (janet.spikes@wilsoncenter.org)
Gizaw, Dagne, Library Technician - (dagne.gizaw@wilsoncenter.org)
Kamalich, Michelle, Library Technician - (michelle.kamalich@wilsoncenter.org)

Financial Management Office
Dysland, John T., Chief Financial Officer
Forster, Michael, Chief Financial Officer
Arambewala, Sarath, Accountant
Deane, Stephanie, Fiscal Assistant
Gorski, Rosemary Marquis, Contract Specialist
Howard, Susan A, Deputy Chief Financial Officer
McCall, Sharon, Payroll and Financial Technician
Muhlenberg, Henry, Accounting and Finance Manager
Rhodes, Ortis, Accountant
Williams, Renee, Procurement Technician

Johnson, Leslie R, Senior Advisor
Griffith, Bruce, Chief Technology Officer
Brown, Chuck R, Mail Clerk
Clay-Poole, Courtni, Human Resources Specialist
Hickman, Rositta, Computer Assistant
Kelly, William, IT Specialist
McKinster, Lee, Administrative Specialist
McQuitty, Sean, Information Technology Specialist
Nossaman, Pranee, Administrative Specialist
Palmer, Prince, Facility Operations Specialist
Stubits, Adam, Director, Support Operations
Tilman, Gilbert, Human Resources Director
Vines, Dereck, Computer Assistant
Virella, Yoreim, HR Specialist
Watkins, Howard, Support Services Technician


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Development Office

Emery, Christine, Vice President for Development - (christine.emery@wilsoncenter.org)
Zwirn, Michael, Director of Foundation Relations - (michael.zwirn@wilsoncenter.org)
Bronnenkant, Sara, Director, Corporate Council - (sara.bronnenkant@wilsoncenter.org
Moss, Rachael, Development Specialist - (rachael.moss@wilsoncenter.org)

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External Relations

Scullin, Caroline L., Vice President for External Relations - (caroline.scullin@wilsoncenter.org)
Allen, Flaronica, Executive Assistant -
Booth, Lauren, Digital Communications and Marketing Director - (lauren.booth@wilsoncenter.org)
Butterfield, Kathy, Senior Graphic Designer - (kathy.butterfield@wilsoncenter.org)
Cruz, Chris, Digital Marketing and Design Specialist - (chris.cruz@wilsoncenter.org)
Smith, Richard, Outreach and Communications Director - (richard.smith@wilsoncenter.org)
Gatzoulis, Maria-Stella, Special Events Coordinator/Planner - (maria-stella.gatzoulis@wilsoncenter.org)
Sample, Drew, Media Relations Manager - (drew.sample@wilsoncenter.org)
Stanton, Zack, Social Media Editor - (zack.stanton@wilsoncenter.org)
McKenna, Ryan, Media Relations Manager - (ryan.mckenna@wilsoncenter.org)

Multimedia Productions
Milewski, John, Director of Digital Programming - (john.milewski@wilsoncenter.org)
Tyler, John W, Director, Multimedia Production and Producer, Dialogue at the Wilson Center - (john.tyler@wilsoncenter.org)
Starling, Matt, Associate Producer, Dialogue at the Wilson Center - (matt.starling@wilsoncenter.org)
Harris, Shaarona, Associate Producer - (shaarona.harris@wilsoncenter.org)
Atkinson, Alan, Deputy Director, Multimedia Production -  (alan.atkinson@wilsoncenter.org)

Wilson Quarterly
Stanton, Zack, Editor-In-Chief - (zack.stanton@wilsoncenter.org)
Napper, Suzanne, Business Director - (suzanne.napper@wilsoncenter.org)

Woodrow Wilson Center Press
Brinley, Joseph, Publications Director - (joe.brinley@wilsoncenter.org)
Granville, Shannon, Deputy Publications Director - (shannon.granville@wilsoncenter.org)
Worth, Cherie, Publications Assistant - (cherie.worth@wilsoncenter.org)


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About the Center Video

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