Wilson Center Experts

Alexander Constantinovich Nikitin

Galina Starovoitova Fellows on Human Rights and Conflict Resolution
Kennan Institute

Russia and Eurasia
Researcher, Colaition for Environmental and Human Rights
Wilson Center Project(s):
Non-Governmental Organizations of Democratic Directivity and Their Relations with Authorities on the Way to Developing Civil Society
Sep 01, 2001
Feb 01, 2002

Project Summary

Looks at the experience of NGO creation and how they relate to the authorities, both externally and internally. Examines the composition of their economic base in order to apply this knowledge throughout Russia. Tries to develop the idea of a Russian interregional coalition on environmental and human rights that is suitably protected from the authorities while maximally effective in its ecological activity. Tries to ensure that every citizen has free access to significant information on the environment, defending the citizen’s right to a safe and healthy environment.