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Andrey Stanislavovich Makarychev

Former Central Eurasian Short-term
Kennan Institute

Russia and Eurasia
Professor, University of Tartu, Estonia
Wilson Center Project(s):
Black Sea Regionalism: Integration, Security, Transborder Communication
Jun 01, 2003
Jun 01, 2003
Previous Terms at the Wilson Center:
Regional Exchange Grant Kennan Institute Expertise: Russia and Eurasia; Russia Affiliation: Associate Professor, State University of Nizhny Novgorod Wilson Center Project(s): The Role of US Think Tanks in Foreign Policy Making Process: Comparing Patterns of Influence and Analytical Schools Term: May 01, 1999- Jul 01, 1999.Project Summary Analyzes the influence of think tanks within foreign policy decision making processes. Studies the forms of think tanks’ participation in foreign policy debates, ideas advanced by strategic studies, and patterns of interaction between analysts and political leaders. Focuses primarily on US think tank influence.

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