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Bertrand M Patenaude

Research Grant
Kennan Institute

Russia and Eurasia
Lecturer, Standord University
Wilson Center Project(s):
The Benevolent Intervention: America’s Famine Relief Mission to Bolshevik Russia, 1921-1923
Sep 01, 1990
Feb 28, 1991

Project Summary

Discusses the role of the American relief mission to Soviet Russia during the 1921-23 famine. Details the cultural encounter and the impact the project had on U.S.-Soviet relations.

Previous Terms at the Wilson Center:
Wilson Center Project(s): American Relief to Famine-Stricken Russia, 1921-23 Term: May 01, 1989- Jun 01, 1989.Project Summary Examines the American Relief Administration and the Soviet famine of 1921-23. Restores what George Kennan called the forgotten chapter in U.S.-Soviet relations.

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