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Edward J Lazzerini

Visiting Grant
Kennan Institute

Russia and Eurasia
Associate Professor, University of New Orleans
Wilson Center Project(s):
The Transformation of Crimean Tartar Society under the Impact of Russian Rule, 1783-1865 and Contact Between Soviet Muslims and Their Co-religionists Abroad Since the Early 1940s
Oct 01, 1984
Nov 01, 1984

Project Summary

Research on contact among Soviet Muslims and Muslims abroad since 1940s, with a focus on mid-1960s-mid 1980s. This project examines the nature of the contact, and its Soviet-sanctioned use. Also, a study of the tranformation of the Crimean Tartar society under Russian rule between 1783-1865 using statisical reports, demographic and economic materal, and eyewitness reports.