Welcome Alumni!

Next year, we will celebrate our golden anniversary as one of the world’s key nonpartisan policy forums. Global dynamics have changed dramatically in the past 50 years (let alone since the era of President Wilson!) and our mission to inform actionable ideas for policymakers through research and dialogue could not be more critical. We will be exploring the past, present, and future of foreign policy – and of this amazing institution – throughout 2018, but there’s a core element of who we are that we’re not waiting to honor. That is YOU, our esteemed alumni!

I am excited to announce the launch of our alumni webpage, a space that I hope you will all contribute to and enjoy. This new page is designed to present the intellectual wealth and global knowledge that you have brought to the Wilson Center as well as your many achievements in the years since your time here. The site showcases the books you’ve authored, features an alumni spotlight section, and includes class notes. It will also keep you abreast of upcoming Wilson Center events and our latest updates on Twitter. We encourage you to send us news about your current projects, your new publications, and the honors you receive. The site enables us to follow you, you to follow us, and you to follow each other – while better presenting your impressive work to the world!

Did you know that we have built a global community of some 4,500 alumni scholars? You are a group that includes former heads of state, foreign ministers, and governors, winners of the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award, leading academics, and pioneers from across the social sciences. You have helped us bridge the worlds of academia and public policy. You are a group that brings fresh lifeblood to the Wilson Center every year, making us unique among American think-tanks. We are proud to offer you this new platform for engagement and hope you will take advantage of it!

 With admiration,