China Releases National Climate Change Report

Jun 04, 2007

On Monday, June 4, China released a 62 page document outlining the nation's plan to combat global warming by reducing energy use by one fifth before 2010. The report includes strategies for meeting goals to increase usage of renewable energy and increase the rate forest coverage. However, the goals do not include emissions caps, or OECD emission standards, which would be impossible for the current governing system to enforce. The report reiterated the obligation of developed countries to combat climate change. China is expected to surpass the United States in greenhouse gases within a year; however, per capita emissions remain one fifth of the United States. The Chinese government continues to point to developed countries' history of emissions as impetus for taking responsibility for the current situation.

Information on China's new climate change plan and related policies is available at the Pew Center on Global Climate Change. An English version of the plan, and other related links, can be found in the "See Also" box to the right.

The G8 Summit will take place in Heiligendamm, Germany June 6-8.

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