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The Mexico Institute seeks to improve understanding, communication, and cooperation between Mexico and the United States by promoting original research, encouraging public discussion, and proposing policy options for enhancing the bilateral relationship. A binational Advisory Board, chaired by José Antonio Fernández Carbajal and Roger W. Wallace, oversees the work of the Mexico Institute.

The Institute maintains an ongoing focus on five key issues in U.S.-Mexico relations:

The Latest from the Mexico Institute

Freedom of Expression in Mexico: Analyzing the Impact of the Telecom Reform

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July 31, 2014 // 9:00am10:30am
The Woodrow Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute and Freedom House are pleased to invite you to a discussion of the impact of the Telecom Reform. A panel of leading thinkers will discuss the telecommunications reform and its implications for freedom of expression, as well as the ongoing debate about the reform’s secondary legislation. more

Op-ed: Use Brains, not Brawn, to Handle Migrant Crisis

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Jul 14, 2014
"It is important to note that adding more boots on the ground would do little or nothing to stem the flow of children across the border. The real solutions lie in addressing the push factors in the source countries," writes Christopher Wilson and Eric Olson. more

Jane Harman on the Violence in Gaza and the Immigration Crisis

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Jul 14, 2014
Director Jane Harman discusses the escalating violence between Israel and the Palestinians and the immigration crisis on CBS News' Talk of the Nation with Gerald Seib, Danielle Pletka, and Nia-Malika Henderson. more

Mexico’s Southern Border Strategy: Programa Frontera Sur

Publication //
Jul 11, 2014
The most common adjective used to describe Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala and Belize is probably ‘porous.’ The large volume of Central American migrants, including many families and unaccompanied minors, crossing the border on their way north to the United States suggests as much. In response to these challenges, and also in an effort to facilitate the legal flow of commerce, tourism and guest workers, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto launched the Programa Frontera Sur (Southern Border Program) on July 7, 2014. more

Mexico Seeks to Empower Women in Politics-The Expert Take

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Jul 10, 2014
In addition to the well-touted economic reforms passed recently, this year Mexico approved a political reform package that, among other things, includes new measures aimed to ensure the greater participation of women in politics. The law now requires gender parity, which means that at least fifty percent of the candidates fielded by a political party in either federal or state legislative elections must be female. This begs the question as to whether there are enough women in the ranks to step up to the plate. more

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