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Chapter List

List of Figures and Tables
1. Introduction: Citizen Security in Regional Perspective, Joseph S. Tulchin and Heather A. Golding
Part I.
Issues and Themes
2. Police Reform and the Process of Democraticization, Hugo Frühling
3. The Control of Police Misconduct in the Americas, Paul Chevigny
4. Citizen Security and Reform of the Criminal Justice System in Latin American, Mauricio Duce and Rogelio Pérez Perdomo
5. The Violent American: Risk Factors, Consequences, and Policy Implications of Social and Domestic Violence, Andrew Morrison, Mayra Buvinic, and Michael Shifter
Part II. Case Studies
6. Citizen Insecurity and Fear:Public and Private Responses in Argentina, Catalina Smulovitz
7. The Militarization of Public Security in Peru, Carlos Basombrío
8. Police-Community Partnerships in Brazil, Paulo de Mesquita Neto and Adiana Loche
9. Experiences with Citizen Participation in Crime Prevention in Central America, Laura Chinchilla
10. Internationalized Crime and the Vulnerability of Small States in the Caribbean, Anthony P. Maingot
Part III
Conclusions and Recommendations
11. Looking Ahead:Steps to Reduce Crime and Violence in the Americas, Joseph S. Tulchin and Heather A. Golding


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