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"This book represents very important results of original research and a new approach to the problems of international discussion on religious (in)tolerance and intellectual heritage in European history. I am sure that specialists in church history and history of ideas will welcome its publication."--Jaroslav Pánek, Professor of History, Charles University, and Director, Historical Institute, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Chapter List

1. The Travails of the Via Media: Historiography
2. A Prolegomenon: The First Century of Utraquism, 1415-1517
3. Utraquism's Curious Encounter with Luther
4. Bohuslav Bílejovský and the Geography of Utraquist Ecclesiology
5. Pavel Bydžovský and Utraquism's Second Confrontation with Luther
6. The Utraquist Consistory, the Archibishop of Prague, and a Brief Honeymoon
7. The Plebianization of Utraquism: The Controversy over the Bohemian Confession of 1575
8. Orthodoxy and Toleration: The Utraquists and the Lutherans, 1575-1609
9. The Utraquists versus the Curia: Liberal or Authoritarian Church, 1575-1609
10. The Curia Tightens the Noose: The Advance of Confessionalization, 1575-1609
11. A Cohabitation of Convenience: The Utraquists and the Lutherans under the Letter of Majesty, 1609-1620
12. White Mountain, 1620: The Transfiguration and the Protean Legacy of Utraquism
Epilog: The Meaning of the Bohemian Reformation

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