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“With all chapters showing impressive empirical depths and sophisticated theoretical analysis, this volume should be a required reading for anyone interested in contemporary Ukraine and civil society more generally.”—Oxana Shevel, Canadian-American Slavic Studies

“An excellent addition to the small number of book-length studies on the Orange Revolution.”—Journal of Ukrainian Studies

“The editor has done an outstanding job bringing the diverse chapters together…. I warmly recommend this book to anyone interested in social movements in Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries.”—Par Gustafsson, Europe-Asia Studies

“This is a rich collection, which maintains a high standard.… This is an important resource for Ukrainian studies and for anyone interested in the general politics of post-Communism.”—Andrew Wilson, Slavonica

“This book takes a step back from the immediate events and asks some important and interesting questions about the state of Ukrainian democracy and society today.”—Paul Kubicek, Oakland University

Chapter List


1. Introduction: Civil Society in Ukraine—From Despair to Hope…and Back
Paul D’Anieri

Part I. Social Mobilization and the Orange Revolution
2. Orange in a Shade of Gray: Electoral Fraud, Corruption, and Protest in the Orange Revolution
Joshua A. Tucker
3. Building a Revolution: Elite Choice and Opposition Tactics in Pre-Orange Ukraine
Tammy Lynch
4. Orchestrating a Popular Protest Movement to Conduct a Revolution
Ioulia Shukan
5. Ukraine’s Orange Revolution: Beyond Soviet Political Culture?
Anna Fournier
6. National Identity and Authoritarianism: Belarus and Ukraine Compared
Lucan A. Way
7. Betting on Society: Power Perceptions and Elite Games in Ukraine
Serhiy Kudelia

Part II. Identity, Citizens, and the State in Post–Orange Revolution Ukraine
8. Less Fear, Little Trust: Deciphering the Whys of Ukrainian Tax Compliance
Marc P. Berenson
9. Legitimizing Facades: Civil Society in Post-Orange Ukraine
Jessica Allina-Pisano
10. The Dialogics of Development: NGOs, Ethnopolitics, and Roma in Ukraine
Adriana Helbig
11. Encompassing Religious Pluralism: The Orthodox Imaginary of Ukraine
Vlad Naumescu

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