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"With the publication of this book, Mongolia and the Mongols will be central to any study of China's history of modern diplomacy, China's nationalism, communism, the Chinese Communist Party-Nationalist struggle for supremacy, and studies of ethnicity. A truly monumental piece of scholarship."—Uradyn E. Bulag, City University of New York

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Part I Independence and Revolution, 1911–1945
1 China and Mongolia: From Empire to National States
2 "Red Protective Deity": World Revolution and Geopolitics
3 Dialects of Brotherhood: The Chinese Communist Party and the Mongolian People's Republic
Part II Autonomy and Civil War, 1945–1950
4 "National Fever": The Genesis of an Autonomous Movement
5 Ethnic Strategy: The Eastern Mongolian Experience
6 "Restoration": The Guomindang's Administrative Endeavor
7 "Liberation": The Chinese Communist Party's
Part III Ethnicity and Hegemony, 1945–1950
8 "New Frontier": America's Encounter with Inner Mongolia
9 The Range of "Wild Wind": Moscow's Inner Mongolia Stratagem
10 The Structure of Bloc Politics: Mao, Stalin, and Mongolian Independence
11 Epilogue: Territoriality, Power, and Legitimacy
A Note on Transliteration
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