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"With the publication of this volume, knowledge and understanding of the practices of delivering micro-credit reach a new level of consolidation, and the stage is set for important further steps." -- From the foreword by Richard P. Taub, University of Chicago

Chapter List

Foreword, Richard P. Taub
Introduction: Replicating Microfinance in the United States--An Overview, James H. Carr and Zhong Yi Tong
Part I. Review and Synthesis of Research
1. Opportunities and Challenges for Microfinance in the United States, Mark Schreiner and Jonathan Morduch
Part II. International Experience with Microfinance: Concepts, Approaches, and Best Practices
2. Microfinance in Developing Countries, J.D. Von Pischke
3. Current Foundations of Microfinance Best Practices in Developing Countries
4. Microfinance in Industrial Countries: Lessons from the World Bank's Experience, Robert M. Buckley
5. Financial Sustainability in U.S. Microfinance Organizations: Lessons from Developing Countries, Andrés Vinelli
Part III. Microfinance in the United States: The Challenges and the Potential
6. Fulfilling the Potential of the U.S. Microenterprise Strategy, Lisa J. Servon
7. The Challenges of Outreach and Sustainability for U.S. Microcredit Programs, Mitin Bhatt, Gary Painter, and Shui-Yan Tang
8. From South to North: A Comparative Study of Group-Based Microcredit Programs in Developing Countries and the United States, Chi-kan Richard Hung
Part IV. Comparative Studies of Microfinance for Housing
9. Microfinance and Low- and Moderate-Income Lending for Housing in Emerging Markets and the United States, Sally R. Merrill and Kenneth Temkin
10. Microfinance of Progressive Housing: Can Techniques from Developing Countries Be Adapted in the United States? Bruce Ferguson and Elinor R. Haider
Part V. The Future of Microfinance in the United States
11. The Future of Microfinance in the United States: Research, Practice, and Policy Perspectives, Ayşe Can Talen, Marc A. Weiss, and Sohini Sarkar

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