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“All of these thought-provoking essays raise critical and often unanswerable questions. Their immersion in theory means that the intellectual fruits require time to digest, but the diversity of perspectives provides a valuable testing ground to any reader who claims to understand Europe. Highly recommended for graduate students and faculty.”—Choice

Chapter List

Anthony Pagden

1. Europe: Conceptualizing a Continent
Anthony Pagden

2. Some Europes in Their History
J. G. A. Pocock

3. “Europe” in the Middle Ages
William Chester Jordan

4. The Republican Mirror: The Dutch Idea of Europe
Hans W. Blom

5. The Napoleonic Empire and the Europe of Nations
Biancamaria Fontana

6. Homo Politicus and Homo Oeconomicus: The European Citizen According to Max Weber
Wilfried Nippel

7. The European Self: Rethinking an Attitude
Michael Hezfeld

8. European Nationalism and European Union
Ariane Chebel d’Appollonia

9. From the Ironies of Identity to the Identities of Irony
Luisa Passerini

10. Muslims and European Identity: Can Europe Represent Islam?
Talal Asad

11. The Long Road to Unity: The Contribution of Law to the Process of European Integration since 1945
Philip Ruttley

12. The Euro, Economic Federalism, and the Question of Natural Sovereignty
Elie Cohen

13. Identity Politics and European Integration: The Case of Germany
Thomas Risse and Daniela Engelmann-Martin

14. Nationalisms in Spain: The Organization of Convivencia
Andrés de Blas Guerrero

15. The Kantian Idea of Europe: Critical and Cosmopolitan Perspectives
James Tully

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