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"In this extraordinary new work, Sabrina Ramet builds upon her highlyrespected Nationalism and Federalism in Yugoslavia to examine the Yugoslavs'failure to create a viable and stable state in the twentieth century. Rametargues that Yugoslavia's problem was not ethnicity per se and that thecountry ‘was not doomed to fail.' Rather, with her usual meticulousresearch, Ramet demonstrates convincingly that Yugoslavia succumbedmore than once because it did not create a legitimate and functional system.The Three Yugoslavias is a long-awaited tour de force."—Thomas A. Emmert, Professor of History, Gustavus Adolphus College

"Sabrina Ramet's The Three Yugoslavias represents the culmination of a lifetimeof research into the South Slavs by one of the great historians of thesubject. Ramet has distilled a tremendous amount of knowledge and insightinto a concise and accessible form.This will be required reading onYugoslavia, its breakup, and the wars that followed—for the layman,undergraduate, and expert alike."—Marko Attila Hoare, Senior Research Fellow, Kingston University

"This is an elegantly written, theoretically coherent, and empirically welldocumentedbook that will be required reading in the field of BalkanStudies. Rooted in an impressive understanding of Yugoslav history andmaking extensive use of archival sources, Ramet's book provides a grippingnarrative about the rise and fall of the three Yugoslavias."—Renéo Lukic, Professor of History, Université Laval, Quebec

Chapter List

List of Maps List of Tables Preface and Acknowledgments Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Conventions Used in the Text Glossary Introduction 1. A Theory of System Legitimacy 2. The First Yugoslavia, Part 1: The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes, 1918–1929 3. The First Yugoslavia, Part 2: The Kingdom of Yugoslavia, 1929–1941 4. World War Two and the Partisan Struggle, 1941–1945 5. Happy Comrades? Tito, Stalin, and the Birth of the Second Yugoslavia, 1945–1951 6. Dreaming a New Dream, 1950–1962 7. The Reform Crisis, 1962–1970 8. The Rise and Fall of Yugoslav Liberalism, 1967–1973 9. Controversies in the Economic Sector, 1965–1990 10. Nationalist Tensions, 1968–1990 11. A Crisis of Legitimacy, 1974–1989 12. Hail Caesar! The Rise of Slobodan Milosevic´ 13. The Road to War 14. The War of Yugoslav Succession, Phase 1 (1991) 15. The War of Yugoslav Succession, Phase 2 (1992–1995) 16. A Flawed Peace: Post-Dayton Bosnia 17. The Third Yugoslavia and After, 1992–2004 18. UNMIK, KFOR, and the Future of Kosovo 19. Separate Paths: Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia Conclusion Abbreviations and Acronyms Used in the Endnotes and Bibliography Notes Selected Bibliography Index Author's Biography


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