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Remembering Margaret Thatcher

Aug 21, 2013 to Aug 27, 2013

On this episode we look back at the life, times, and legacy of “The Iron Lady,” Britain’s former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. Our guest, Michael Geary, is a European Studies Fellow at the Wilson Center.  He is also Lecturer and Assistant Professor at Maastricht University in The Netherlands where his teaching and research focuses on Modern Europe and the European Union.  Latin American Program Director Cynthia Arnson provides context on the surprisingly close Venezuelan presidential election and thoughts on the Chavismo Movement post-Chavez.

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  • Christian F. Ostermann // Director, History and Public Policy Program; Global Europe; Cold War International History Project; North Korea Documentation Project; Nuclear Proliferation International History Project
  • Kristina N. Terzieva // Program Assistant
  • Emily R. Buss // Program Assistant