July 2013

Widespread protests in Brazil challenge government to respond

Dialogue at the Wilson Center, 07/02/2013

Paulo Sotero, director of the Brazil Institute, sits down with Wilson Center's Dialogue at the Wilson Center to speak on the ongoing protests in Brazil.

Paulo Sotero on the Charlie Rose Show

The Charlie Rose Show, 07/02/2013

Director of the Brazil Institute, Paulo Sotero, was featured on Charlie Rose’s PBS Talk Show, discussing the spread of demonstrations through Brazil and the protester’s long and varied list of grievances. Sotero emphasized that the uprising is leading to a healthy and necessary debate on public spending priorities in Brazil.  The segment begins around the 25:50 mark.

Why are Brazilians protesting?

Club de Prensa, 07/05/2013

Director of the Brazil Institute, Paulo Sotero, spoke with Club De Prensa NTN about the reasons for protests in Brazil.

Protests in Brazil

Encounters Voice of America, 07/05/2013

Paulo Sotero, Director of the Brazil Institute discusses the recent waves of protests across Brazil and the impact it will have on Brazil’s 2014 presidential elections with Voice of America host Carol Castiel and Eric Farnsworth, Vice President of the Council of Americas and Americas Society.

Snowden revelations stir up anti-US sentiment

Financial Times, 07/12/2013

Director Sotero commented on the ongoing NSA leaks that "It has given Brazil's government a great opportunity to change the conversation".

Protests, bombs, and enthusiasm: the Pope visits Brazil

KQED NPR, 07/24/2013

Paulo Sotero, Director of the Brazil Institute, shared his views on the Pope’s visit and political unrest in Brazil on KQEDForum.

Pope Francis in Brazil

On Point NPR, 07/24/2013

The Director of the Brazil Institute, Paulo Sotero, was featured on On Point Radio (NPR), discussing Pope Francis' arrival to Brazil at "a fertile moment of renewal for Brazilian democracy."

Pope Francis challenges Brazil’s leaders to address economic inequality

Context - Wilson Center, 07/26/2013

Paulo Sotero was featured on Context, sharing his views on the Pope’s visit to Brazil and its impact on social justice in the country.

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