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The Asia Program provides a forum in the nation's capital for enhancing deeper understanding of, and policy debate about, Asia. It seeks to furnish an intellectual link between the world of ideas and the world of policy on issues relating to Asia and U.S. interests in Asia. more







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India’s Maoist Insurgency: Drivers and Policy Responses

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May 06, 2014 // 4:00pm5:14pm
New Delhi has referred to India’s Maoist insurgency as the country’s biggest internal security challenge. What explains the re-emergence and expansion of Maoist violence in India’s rural areas over the last decade, and how should it be dealt with? more

Gamers: Athletes for the Next Generation

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May 07, 2014 // 4:00pm5:30pm
Is someone who plays a computer game really an athlete? According to the State Department, they are. more

A Positive Surprise in Afghanistan

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Apr 21, 2014
Senior Scholar Marvin Ott discusses the recent elections in Afghanistan. more

A Crisis of Democracy in Bangladesh

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Apr 21, 2014
Former Asia Program Public Policy Scholar Ali Riaz examines the background of the controversial elections in Bangladesh held in January 2014 and the future trajectory of Bangladeshi politics in a new article in Current History. more

Media Briefing: Obama in East Asia

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April 18, 2014 // 9:30am10:00am
Wilson Center Experts on East Asia Preview President Obama's Trip to Japan, Korea, the Philippines, and Malaysia more


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