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The Latin American Program serves as a bridge between the United States and Latin America, providing a nonpartisan forum for experts from throughout the region and the world to discuss the most critical issues facing the Hemisphere. The Program sponsors research, conferences, and publications aimed at deepening the understanding of Latin American and Caribbean politics, history, economics, culture, and U.S.-Latin American relations. By bringing pressing regional concerns to the attention of opinion leaders and policymakers, the Program contributes to more informed policy choices in Washington, D.C., and throughout the Hemisphere. more

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Economics and Transparency: Meeting the Challenge in the Americas

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June 09, 2015 // 1:30pm5:00pm
Throughout much of Latin America, the "golden years" of economic growth during the last decade's commodity boom have given way to economic decline or stagnation. At the same time, a mobilized citizenry is demanding better government performance. These two factors have focused unprecedented attention on rule of law deficits and official corruption. Meanwhile, relations among countries of the hemisphere have grown more complex. As much as the region has welcomed the normalization of U.S.-Cuban relations, the options for international insertion now extend far beyond the Western Hemisphere. more

Latin American Energy: Issues and Prospects

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May 19, 2015 // 11:30am1:00pm
Experts will explore energy issues for the Latin American and Caribbean region, in this seventh event in the Wilson Center’s Regional and Global Energy Series. more

Urban Violence: Building Safe and Inclusive Cities in Latin America

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May 13, 2015 // 9:00am11:00am
Join us for a panel discussion on policy options for building safe and inclusive cities in Latin America based on recent field research conducted in several major urban areas in the region. more

Situational Approaches to Crime and Violence: A Case Study of Latin America

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May 12, 2015
The essay “Situational Approaches to Crime and Violence: A Case Study of Latin America,” is one in a series of essays written for the Wilson Center by Ambassador Adam Blackwell, Secretary for Multidimensional Security at the Organization of American States (OAS). This essay is available in English and Spanish. more

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