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The Latin American Program and its institutes on Mexico and Brazil serve as a bridge between the United States and Latin America, providing a nonpartisan forum for experts from throughout the region and the world to discuss the most critical issues facing the Hemisphere.more

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How to Address Child Migration from Central America

Publication //
Sep 25, 2014
The arrival at the U.S. border in 2013–14 of tens of thousands of unaccompanied migrant children from Central America is unprecedented. Factors driving them include both longstanding challenges—chronic violence, economic despair, official corruption, and the pull of family reunification—and the myth recently disseminated by greedy traffickers of lenient U.S. immigration policy. The United States, while taking steps to deter further migration, should also focus intensively on the long term factors. more

ONU: Niños migrantes, default, Maduro...

Article //
Sep 22, 2014
Cynthia J. Arnson, director of the Latin American Program, is quoted in this article about the recent wave of child migrants and other current issues in the region. more
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Is there Hope for Central American Youth?

Event //
September 18, 2014 // 9:00am12:00pm
Six expert panelists weigh in on the difficult situation facing Central American youth and offer possible solutions for improving their opportunities for education and employment. more

Chile como potencia alimentaria y el desafío chino

Article //
Sep 18, 2014
Latin American Global Fellow Jorge Heine, who was recently appointed as Chile's ambassador to China, is the author of this article about the expansion of food exports from Chile to China. This article is in Spanish. more

Los 'mitos' del Procurador en política de drogas

Article //
Sep 16, 2014
El Espectador recently published an article by Latin American Program Global Fellow Juan Carlos Garzón, in which he critiques a report on myths about drug legalization. This article is in Spanish. more

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