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The Latin American Program and its institutes on Mexico and Brazil serve as a bridge between the United States and Latin America, providing a nonpartisan forum for experts from throughout the region and the world to discuss the most critical issues facing the Hemisphere.more

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Latin American Populism in the Twenty-First Century: Update Venezuela

Event //
April 11, 2014 // 9:00am11:00am
About the nature of populism in Latin America and its most recent radical manifestations. more

Citizen Security in Brazil: Progress and Challenges

Event //
March 28, 2014 // 9:00am12:00pm
This event explored recent efforts to promote citizen security in Brazil’s urban areas, including the attempts to build more peaceful communities from the ground up. more

In Memoriam: Peter Dexter Bell

Article //
Apr 10, 2014
The Wilson Center’s Brazil Institute, Latin American Program and Urban Sustainability Laboratory are saddened to learn of the passing of our dear friend, Peter Dexter Bell. more

Latin American Program in the News: ¿Diálogo en Venezuela?

Article //
Apr 08, 2014
Latin American Program Director Cynthia J. Arnson was interviewed by NTN24 about the UNASUR mission to Venezuela and the possibility of dialogue in the country. more

Latin American Program in the News: "Las narcomafias, de México a la Argentina"

Article //
Apr 07, 2014
In this televised interview, Latin American Program Global Fellow Juan Carlos Garzón discusses the movement of drug trafficking groups and their growth in Argentina. This video is in Spanish. more


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