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Bulletin No. 17/18 - Fall 2012

James G. Hershberg and Christian F. Ostermann
Now available for download, “The Global Cuban Missile Crisis at 50.” CWIHP marks the 50th Anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis by releasing CWIHP Bulletin 17/18, with over 500 newly declassified and translated documents from international sources.

Bulletin No. 16 - Fall 2007/Winter 2008

Christian F. Ostermann
Inside China's Cold War

Bulletin No. 14/15 -- Winter 2003-Spring 2004

Christian F. Ostermann
New Evidence on North Korea

Bulletin No. 12/13 -- Fall/Winter 2001

Christian F. Ostermann
The End of the Cold War

Bulletin No. 11 -- Winter 1998

Christian F. Ostermann
Cold War Flashpoints

Bulletin No. 10 -- March 1998

David Wolff and Christian F. Ostermann
Leadership Transition in a Fractured Bloc

Bulletin No. 8/9 -- Winter 1996

James G. Hershberg
The Cold War in the Third World and the Collapse of Detente in the 1970s

Bulletin No. 6/7 -- Winter 1995

James G. Hershberg
The Cold War in Asia

Bulletin No. 5 -- Spring 1995

James G. Hershberg
Cold War Crises

Bulletin No. 4 -- Fall 1994

James G. Hershberg
Soviet Nuclear History

Bulletin No. 3 -- Fall 1993

James G. Hershberg
From the Russian Archives

Bulletin No. 2 -- Fall 1992

James G. Hershberg
Inside the Warsaw Pact

Bulletin No. 1 -- Spring 1992

James G. Hershberg

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