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Providing answers to the most common, least understood, or least well-known issues between Canada and the United States, this series provides a concise summary, statistics, and facts relevant to the bilateral relationship.

Issues in this Series

I Didn't Know That_Detroit Windsor Bridge

The Need for a New Bridge at Detroit-Windsor

The Detroit-Windsor area, home to the Ambassador Bridge and Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, is one of the most heavily used border crossings in the world. Congestion at the current Detroit-Windsor border crossings costs businesses as much as US$16 billion each year.
U.S. and Canadian Law Enforcement Jointly Patrol Our Waterways

U.S. and Canadian Law Enforcement Jointly Patrol Our Waterways

Shiprider, officially the Integrated Cross-Border Maritime Law Enforcement Operations (ICMLEO), allows the U.S. Coast Guard and Royal Canadian Mounted Police to jointly conduct cross-border surveillance and law enforcement. This joint U.S.-Canadian maritime security program closes loopholes that criminals once exploited in shared U.S.-Canada waterways.

Keystone XL Isn't the Only Planned Pipeline in Canada

Canada currently exports 99% of it's oil to the United States. Pipeline infrastructure is at capacity. This has resulted in various proposals to get Canadian oil to new markets.

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