Thinking Brazil

2006-2007 issues of our electronic newsletter focusing on current and critical matters in Brazilian public and international policies, as well as on the research conducted by Institute scholars.

Issues in this Series

Thinking Brazil 25

Basic Education in Brazil:What's Wrong and How to Fix It February 2007

Thinking Brazil 24

Economic Policy and Prospects for Reform:Lula's Second Administration November 2006

Thinking Brazil 23

Brazil's Higher Education Responsesto the Challenges of the 21st Century July 2006

Thinking Brazil 22

Brazil's President as Working Class Raposa (Fox)Understanding Lula the Politician June 2006

Thinking Brazil 21

Urban Crime and Violence:Combating Citizens' Sense of Insecurity May 2006

Thinking Brazil 20

Participitory Governance:Strengthening Democracy in Brazil April 2006

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