CES 11 pp. 216-238

Feature Box: Sino-Italian Energy and Environmental Cooperation
By Natalie Matthews

Commentary: Eco-Farming: A Long-Term Strategy for Dealing with Climate Change
By Pan Wenjing (Translated by Ada Wu)

Commentary: Too Much of a Good Thing? Phosphorus Flows and Water
Eutrophication in China

By Marcy Nicks Moody

Commentary: Local Understanding of a Melting Glacier: Conversing with Lamas and Circumambulators in Shangri-La
By Zhou Lei

Spotlight on NGO Activism: Zero-Waste Comes to China: The Green Anhui-GAIA Partnership
By Skye Gilbert

Feature Box: Anatomy of a Partnership: Benefits of U.S.-China Private Sector Cooperation in the Power Sector
By Claire Casey & John Juech

Feature Box: The China Carbon Forum: Enhancing China’s Response to Climate Change through Network-building and Stakeholder Dialogue
By Leo Horn-Phathanothai


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