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Speakers Elan Strait (upper left), Julie Cerqueira (upper middle), Maxine Burkett (moderator) (upper right), David Lammy (lower left), and Jen Austin (lower right)

Recent Event

Foreign Policy is Climate Policy: New Modes of Multilateralism & the Call for a More Equitable and Just World

Climate Change illustration with glacier, Eiffel Tower, thermometer, and leaders at the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement

Friday Podcast

“Climate is the Multilateral Challenge of the Moment”: Highlights from a Conversation on Climate Change, Multilateralism, and Equity

Vanessa Nakate

Friday Podcast

Vanessa Nakate on Giving Weight to the Voices of Those Most Affected by Climate Change

Illustration of solar panels reflecting the sun

Friday Podcast

“An Idea Born of Desperation”: Simon Nicholson on Solar Radiation Management

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21st Century Diplomacy: Foreign Policy is Climate Policy