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Sep 15, 2011

Security, security collaboration, and organized crime have continued to be major issues on the bilateral agenda in the last year. Efforts to strengthen the capacity of law enforcement institutions, intelligence sharing, and investments in violence prevention programs have been the center piece of the bilateral agenda. In this context, the Institute has continued its cutting edge research and publications focused in key areas of concern for policymakers such as money laundering, firearms trafficking, and efforts to build greater technical capacity within the police and justice sector. The Institute has also convened high-level meetings to consider some of the latest policy options and strategies available for confronting organized crime. In the future, the Institute will expand its research agenda to look at the role of civic engagement in promoting public security in Mexico.

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The working paper, which explores these challenges and some potential solutions, will be published in the fall of 2012 as a chapter in the forthcoming State of the Border Report, which seeks to provide a comprehensive yet accessible look at the state of affairs in border management and the border region, focusing on four core areas: trade and economic development, security, sustainability, and quality of life. The State of the Border Report is an initiative of the Border Research Partnership, which is comprised of the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute, Arizona State University’s North American Center for Transborder Studies, and el Colegio de la Frontera Norte.

The complete report can be found at The State of Security in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region.


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