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“Based on insightful arguments in national, regional and international dimensions, this edited volume reveals the challenges and opportunities of nontraditional security governance in Asia, and offers appropriate solutions for the stakeholders. This volume is thus valuable reading for scholars, students, policy makers and activists who are concerned about non-traditional security issues in Asia and China-US cooperation in security governance.”—Kai Chen, China Quarterly

“A superior work in that it does a superb job in addressing the four major challenges of water security, food security, pandemic diseases, and crime/terrorism.”—John J. Brandon, The Asia Foundation

Chapter List

1. Introduction: New Security Challenges for a New Century
Robert M. Hathaway and Michael Wills

2. Drought, Climate Change, and the Political Economy of Himalayan Dam Building
Kenneth Pomeranz

3. Domestic, Regional, and Global Implications of Water Scarcity in China
David Pietz

4. The Indus River Basin in the Twenty-First Century
Eric A. Strahorn

5. Marine Fisheries in Crisis: Improving Fisheries Management in Southeast Asia
Robert S. Pomeroy

6. The 2009 H1N1 Flu Pandemic and the Policy Response in East Asia
Yanzhong Huang

7. Effectively Responding to Pandemics: Adapting Responses to Differing Institutional Circumstances in the United States and China
Jonathan Schwartz and Rachel D. Schwartz

8. Safe Harbor in a Risky World? China’s Approach to Managing Food Safety Risk
Elizabeth Wishnick

9. The Ambiguous Political Economy of Terrorism in Southeast Asia’s Borderlands
Justin V. Hastings

10. Managing New Security Challenges in Asia: Between Cybercrime and Cyberconflict
Adam Segal

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