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“General readers will find this a fascinating and dramatic account of an important and often quirky institution, and of the Polish regime’s decades-long campaign to neutralize its impact. It reads like a Cold War thriller.”—Robert L. Hutchings, University of Texas at Austin

“The work excels in its use of forensic research in Polish secret service archives and its reconstruction from partial data of a range of regime countermeasures. It impressively marshals secondary Polish literature, some of which also draws on archival research. Its focus is not the organization and operations of RFE, but the Polish regime’s efforts to counter them. It illuminates the world-view of the Polish regime and its secret services.”—A. Ross Johnson, former director, Radio Free Europe

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Introduction: The Communist Regimes and Western Broadcasting

1. Radio Free Europe: Its Genesis and Its Place in the Cold War

2. Stalinism, 1950–1956

3. Władysław Gomułka’s Era, 1956–1970

4. Operation Olcha: The Security Service versus Radio Free Europe’s Contacts in Poland

5. The Gierek Era, Détente, and a Massive Attack on Radio Free Europe, 1971–1975

6. From Helsinki to the Demise of Communism, 1975–1989


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