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“Across the globe, birth rates are falling. Kramer examines differences in how five countries perceive and respond to such population crises, and what policy lessons might be drawn from their experience. This astute comparison will be of interest to activists, policymakers, and scholars alike.”—Sonya Michel, University of Maryland

The Other Population Crisis was discussed in Elizabeth Kolbert's review article "Head Count" in The New Yorker (October 21, 2013).

Chapter List

Introduction: The Threat of Declining Birth Rates

1. Swedish Population Policy: The Pronatalism of the Left

2. Demography in France: From National Security to Family-Work Reconciliation

3. Italy: The Absence of Policy

4. Japan: The Politics of Position Taking

5. Singapore: The Failure of Activism

Conclusion: Can Government Policy Reverse Declining Birth Rates?

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