Looking Toward 2017: Prospects for Brazil-U.S Relations and the Domestic Political Outlook for Brazil | Wilson Center
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Looking Toward 2017: Prospects for Brazil-U.S Relations and the Domestic Political Outlook for Brazil

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The upcoming change of administration in the United States and the ongoing political and economic crisis in Brazil have raised new questions about the future direction of domestic and bilateral relations, but also offer new opportunities for engagement. In recent years, the Brazil-U.S. relationship, although cordial, has remained superficial despite their many common interests and occasional public statements in favor of increasing cooperation. Nonetheless, the Obama administration’s engagement with the Rousseff and Temer governments—and ongoing bilateral business cooperation—offers a roadmap for strengthening the relationship to the benefit of both countries.

On Monday, November 28, the Brazil Institute will host a two-part discussion on the future of U.S.-Brazil relations and Brazil’s domestic political outlook. In the first session, departing U.S Ambassador to Brazil Liliana Ayalde will offer her thoughts on the future of the bilateral relationship given the current uncertainties in both countries.

Prospects for U.S.-Brazil relations undoubtedly also depend on the outcome of Brazil’s current political crisis. The second session will focus on the domestic outlook for Brazil, currently undergoing an unprecedented third year of economic recession. The discussion will include an analysis of Brazilian President Michel Temer’s efforts to restore economic confidence and growth; growing fiscal constraints at federal, state, and municipal levels; and the political implications of recent developments in the Lava Jato corruption investigations.


Session 1: Outlook for Brazil U.S. Relations


Welcome Remarks:      Paulo Sotero, Director Brazil Institute, Wilson Center

Speakers:                      Ambassador Liliana Ayalde, U.S. Embassy to Brazil



Session 2: Domestic Political Outlook


Panelists:               Matthew Taylor, American University

Juliano Basile, Valor Economico

Joel Velasco, Albright Stonebridge Group

Kellie Meiman Hock, McLarty Associates


Moderator:           Paulo Sotero, Director Brazil Institute, Wilson Center



picture credit: SINTUF-MT