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Wilson Center experts and scholars are an unmatched resource. They are the reason we have twice been named #1 regional studies think tank - as well as #1 for institutional collaboration.

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Secretary of State John Kerry

Biden names John Kerry as presidential envoy for climate change

Sherri Goodman speaks with PRI's "The World."

A Window Into Our Brains – Jigsaw, Sideways, CRISPR and the Power of Analogies

Our Brains Explain the Season’s Sadness

In her latest piece in The New Yorker, Distinguished Scholar Robin Wright looks at how our brains are coping with the emotions brought on by these unique times.

MX and US flags

The Mexico-US Relationship After Cienfuegos

Duncan Wood, Vice President for New Initiatives and Director of the Mexico Institute sat down with Brian Winter, editor-in-chief of Americas Quarterly.

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Iran Flags

Iran Should Take the First Step

Wilson Center Senior Vice President, Robert Litwak and Senior Scholar, Haleh Esfandiari look at steps Iran can take with the Biden Administration sides to make possible a successful outcome of renewed negotiations – if they take place.

Dan Hamilton

Get to Know Dan Hamilton

Get to know the new Director of The Wilson Center's Global Europe Program

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Jane Harman at 2018 MSC

Jane Harman joins Fox News Sunday panel

Wilson Center President and CEO, Congresswoman Jane Harman was a panelist on the 11/22 episode of "Fox News Sunday" with Chris Wallace.

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Putin at a meeting with permanent members of Security Council.

Joe Biden's oncoming headache over Vladimir Putin

Kennan Institute Director Matthew Rojansky and Michael Kimmage look at the President-elect's strategy.

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US voters casting ballots

The Election and Disinformation

Nina Jankowicz speaks with The New York Times.

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Iran’s oil exports, uranium stockpile surge

Senior Vice President Rob Litwak speaks with Wilson Center alum and Pulitzer Prize winner, Joby Warrick

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Green world map with binary code

The World Reacts to the 2020 Election

Wilson Center experts offer their analysis on how the world is reacting to the 2020 Election

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Statues of Kim family

Future of US - DPRK Summits?

Jean Lee talks with The Wall Street Journal

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The Wilson Quarterly Fall 2020: The Ends of History

The past is always with us - even when governments try to alter or erase it. How does contested history shape our politics and culture? Read the latest issue of The Wilson Quarterly.

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Fearing the Worst: How Korea Transformed the Cold War

Samuel F. Wells Jr's Fearing The Worst (2019) Now Published in Korean

Samuel F. Wells’ Fearing the Worst (2019) explores how key military and political decisions influenced both the escalation of conflict during the Korean War and its legacy’s impact on postwar competition. The book was most recently translated to Korean and published by Hanul M Plus under the translated title The Korean War and the Cold War Era.

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Donald Trump and Joe Biden pin badges, pictured of the USA flag. The two men will be battling eachother in the 2020 US Presidential Election.

Are There Still Any Threats To The Election?

Nina Janowicz speaks with NPR's Greg Myer.

US voters casting ballots

The Anatomy Of An Election Disinformation Campaign

Disinformation Fellow Nina Jankowicz was a guest on WBUR's On Point.

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Facebook and Russian Disinformation: Too Little, Too Late?

No matter who wins the election, disinformation will still poison our democracy

Nina Jankowicz writes in The Washington Post that treating disinformation as a partisan problem undersells its true dangers.

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Finding a pathway forward in Chile

2020 Chilean National Plebiscite

Analysis from Latin America Program Director, Dr. Cynthia Arnson


How dangerous is North Korea?

Jean H. Lee speaks with BBC News on the 75th anniversary of the Workers' Party, and if there is any hope for engagement with the rest of the world.

Russian Presidential Elections in 2018

Election Meddling Is a 100-Year Russian Tradition

Bloomberg Q&A with David Shimer, author of “Rigged: America, Russia, and One Hundred Years of Covert Electoral Interference.”

The Chilean Plebiscite and What It Means Cover

Chileans Vote to Draft a New Constitution

Lucia Dammert, Fellow with the Latin America Program offers her analysis of the historic vote.

Iran Flags

Why the Assassination of a Scientist Will Have No Impact on Iran’s Nuclear Program

Distinguished Scholar Robin Wright believes the glaring irony of the sensational operation is that it will probably have a negligible impact on Iran’s nuclear program.