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A Joint Conference on Russia and North Korean Nuclear Weapons

North Korean Missile Was A 'Cleverly Calculated Test'

Jean Lee joined NPR's Mary Louise Kelly on "All Things Considered" to talk about the latest developments in North Korea.

US Capitol

Two Decades After 9/11, Are We Safer?

Jane Harman joined NPR's Greg Myre on "Weekend Edition Saturday" to talk about her experiences on September 11th, 2001, including the U.S. responses over the last 20 years.

A Hard Look at America after 9/11

Threat assessment today

Twenty years after 9/11, militant Islamists continue to be a threat, not just in Afghanistan, but across much of the world. And as Distinguished Fellow Robin Wright tells Marco Werman, the challenge for the US in 2021 is to find the tools to deal effectively with the flash points that have generated jihadism.

Portrait of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan

As Afghanistan crumbles, Turkey's airstrikes set up the next disaster

From Amy Austin Holmes. She writes that, while the United States and the rest of the world were focused on Afghanistan, Turkey carried out airstrikes that hit genocide survivors in Iraq and members of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) — allies who led the fight against ISIS.

US Capitol Building dome detail with waving national flag - Washington DC, United States of America

Congress unveils a surreal budget reel that only plays backwards

The fall session of Congress is always jam-packed with fiscal frenzy as the new budget year (FY 2022) looms just over the horizon on October first. Don Wolfensberger has more in The Hill.

Farahnaz Ispahani

The imminent danger for Afghanistan's women and minorities

Farahnaz Ispahani writes in The Hill that women and religious minorities that bore the brunt of the Taliban’s brutality during the 1990s, when the Taliban were last in power, feel particularly vulnerable.

Taliban Fighters in Humvee

The Deteriorating Situation in Afghanistan: Expertise from the Wilson Center

Experts from the Wilson Center examine the implications of what is unfolding for Afghanistan, its people, the region, and the United States.

A portrait of Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster

Former US NSA slams Biden administration over troops withdrawal from Afghanistan

The discussion between Ambassador Mark Green and General H.R. McMaster, part of the Wilson Center Asia Program's "Hindsight Up Front" initiative is featured.


U.S. Schools Aim To Lure Foreign Students Back Who Shied Away During The Pandemic

U.S. colleges and universities saw a 20% drop in the number of foreign students due to the pandemic. Though enrollment numbers are rebounding, it is posing a big problem for colleges. Robert Daly talks with NPR.

USAID plane

Opinion: USAID must protect the integrity of its humanitarian aid programs

The Africa Program's Bill Steiger examines how and why USAID must work to bolster the integrity of its humanitarian aid efforts.

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Ukraine’s 2019 Elections: Preparing for More Russian Cyberattacks

What can the U.S. do to prevent cyberattacks from China?

Meg King, Director of the Science and Technology Innovation Program, spoke with Marketplace about how the United States can prevent future cyberattacks from China.

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We just had another ransomware attack. It’s time Biden gave Putin an ultimatum.

If this becomes routine, businesses and the economy will suffer, writes Matthew Rojansky, Director of the Kennan Institute.

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Jumeirah Beach, UAE

USAID ties with Israel, UAE a model to advance development goals - opinion

Memorandums of understanding with Israel and the UAE establish an important foundation to share technical expertise and resources in developing countries, explains the Wilson Center's Eddy Acevedo.

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Image - US Russia


Matthew Rojansky, Kennan Institute Director, previews the upcoming Summit.

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Woodrow Wilson Center Memorial Hallway

Statement from Wilson Center President, Director and CEO Jane Harman

"The recent insurrection carried out by a mob against the U.S. Capitol, inspired by false claims of a stolen election, were a sickening attack on our democracy. I have lived and worked in Washington a long time--including 22 years as a Senate aide and as a Member of Congress – and I have always seen the Capitol building as hallowed ground. To see it invaded and defaced, and to see my friends and former colleagues put in harm’s way, was frankly inconceivable..."