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Aid Trucks into Gaza

Aid Workers Killed in Gaza, Iran Consulate in Syria Attacked

Ambassador James Jeffrey, Chair of the Middle East Program spoke with CNN's Kate Bolduan about the deaths of aid workers in Gaza, as well as Iran accusing Israel of conducting a deadly airstrike on its consulate in Syria.

Map of Israel and Vicinity Showing Gaza Strip under a magnifying glass

Ambassador Green weighs in on aid to Gaza

Wilson Center President and CEO, Ambassador Mark Greek spoke with CNN's Jake Tapper.

The image shows a painting of Fidel Castro on a worn-down wall in Old Havana

The Cuban Regime’s Triple Threat

Wilson Center Chief of Staff, Eddy Acevedo writes in he National Interest that the Havana dictatorship must be held accountable for its destabilizing behavior. ​


How upcoming elections in South Asia will test democracy in the region

Michael Kugelman joins John Yang on PBS NewsHour to discuss the test democratic values face in elections across South Asia.

Event Image_A Conversation with Henrique Capriles, Presidential Candidate for Venezuela’s Primero Justicia Party

Washington to Reimpose Sanctions Over Venezuela Election Controversy

Eddy Acevedo speaks with Voice of America about how the Biden administration is reimposing sanctions on a state-owned Venezuelan mining company and threatening more actions after that nation’s top court last week barred an opposition leader from the presidential race.

Robin Wright

Biden vows to respond to deadly drone attack. What might that response look like?

NPR's Steve Inskeep talks with Robin Wright about the killing of three US service members in a drone strike in Jordan, and the widening conflict in the Middle East.

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North Korea: Have We Reached the Point of No Return?

Russia Needs North Korea as much as North Korea Needs Russia

Korea Fellow Sung-Yoon Lee, author of 'The Sister, North Korea's Kim Yo Jong, the Most Dangerous Woman in the World,' warns about the little-known power in the regime on 'Fox News Live.'

Arctic security frigate picture

Russia is sending crude through the Arctic to China

Polar Institute Director Becca Pincus talks with NPR's Jackie Northam about sharp increase in the number of Russian oil tankers shuttling crude to ports in China via Polar waters.

Taiwan Flag on top of a map depicting East Asia

Strengthening Economic Ties with Taiwan Means More Trade Deals

Taiwan is a key partner of the United States, and strengthening our bilateral relationship is vital to secure our economic interests in the Indo-Pacific region and throughout the world.