What should the European Union’s policy priorities be in the coming institutional cycle? How can the economic benefits of the European Union be determined? The Global Europe Program brings together experts from the European Parliament to present one of its most recent studies. ‘Mapping the Cost of Non-Europe, 2014-19,’ illustrates the work-in-progress results of a long-term project to identify and analyze the ‘cost of non-Europe’ in a number of policy fields. This concept is used to quantify the potential efficiency gained in today’s European economy by pursuing a given set of policy initiatives – from a wider and deeper digital single market and an integrated energy market to a genuine common defense policy.


Klaus Welle has been the Secretary-General of the European Parliament since 2009. Prior to that position, he held a number of positions within the European Parliament including the Head of the Cabinet of the President of the European Parliament, the Director-General for Internal Policies, and the Secretary-General of the European People’s Party and the European Union of Christian Democrats. Mr. Welle was also head of the European and Foreign Policy Department at the Christian Democratic Union Central Office in Bonn, Germany. A native of Beelen, Germany, Mr. Welle received a degree in Economics from the University of Witten in Herdecke, Germany, and received grants from the Students’ Foundation of the Germany People and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

Anthony Teasdale is Director General of the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS), the in-house research centre and think tank of the European Parliament. The EPRS encompasses the Parliament's new Members' Research Service, Library, Historical Archives, and transparency and citizens' enquiries services, as well as its research capabilities in ex-ante impact assessment and ex-post evaluation of EU law and policy. Educated at Balliol and Nuffield Colleges, Oxford University, Mr. Teasdale has since worked as a political adviser and civil servant both in London and Brussels. He has served as Special Adviser to the Foreign Secretary at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and to the Chancellor of the Exchequer at HM Treasury, as well as in the general secretariats of both the EU Council of Ministers and the European Parliament. Mr. Teasdale was Head of Policy Strategy and Legislative Planning for the EPP Group in the European Parliament, and worked for successive Presidents of the European Parliament. He became Director for EU Internal Policies in the Parliament's administration in January 2012, before taking up his current post in November 2013. Mr. Teasdalespeaks widely on European political and institutional issues and has published articles in Political Quarterly, Government and Opposition, Electoral Studies and the Journal of Common Market Studies. He is co-author of The Penguin Companion to European Union, the fourth edition of which was published in September 2012.